Speech at the United Nations and another the past week in Sochi, Russia followed by the speech below, Malawi President of late has been delivering powerful speeches befitting every occasion.

Full speech Below:


It is a great honour to our country to celebrate those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of others. There is no greater sacrifice than to die for another human.

A time of the year has come for us to share our resources with families of the fallen heroes and the living veterans who put their lives to the service of this country.

Today, we launch the Poppy Appeal as a special appeal to all Malawians to give and share with the dead and the living who have served this country in military service. The climax of our commemoration activities will take place on the Remembrance Day parade on Sunday, 10th November.

Proceeds collected from this appeal will go towards supporting the Veterans and Ex-Service League of Malawi (VELOM), an organization that provides critical services to the retired and wounded personnel in our country.

I urge you all Malawians to buy the Poppy Flower as your modest contribution to the lives and families of the living and the dead who
served this country. I have just bought my Poppy Flower at K1 million.

The Poppy Flower has since 1921 become a symbol of memories for those who died in the World War. The best honour we pay to the dead is to remember them. In Malawi, we also remember the veterans who have served this country. That is why my ministry has been renamed the Ministry of Defense and Veteran Affairs.

As you buy this poppy flower, take it as a special symbol and in special memories. As you buy this poppy flower, remember it takes the patriotism, the integrity, the handwork and the sacrifice of our soldiers for us to have peace and stability in the country.

Many of us forget that it has taken the service and commitment of others for Malawi to have the peace and stability that we enjoy today.

We should never forget where we are coming from as a country. But he who does not know where he is coming from cannot know where he is going.

This year let us in our large numbers buy and proudly wear this poppy flower also a commemoration of peace and stability. If you love peace, and you wish this country peace— buy and wear the poppy flower.

I repeat— the peace and stability we enjoy in this country comes from the sacrifice, dedication and patriotism of our security forces. Let us honour them!

I also know many high and junior ranking officers who serve this country for nothing but one goal. Their goal, and our goal is to ensure peace and stability in our Mother Malawi at all cost. We will never, never have another Malawi.

This is our sacred cause! This is the cause pioneered by our veterans and fallen heroes we remember and honour today.

Fighting for peace and stability is the same sacred cause that takes us to peacekeeping missions around the world. And we want to be good peacekeepers abroad and at home!

It is our national pride that our Defence Force has demonstrated that we are a highly disciplined and professional force. T

It is our national pride that our Defence Force has demonstrated that we are a highly disciplined and professional force.  This is a legacy we want to live!

I thank you all for attention.

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