Peter Mutharika and Ben Phiri
Malawi President Peter Mutharika and Personel AID Ben Phiri

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)—Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) gurus who are allegedly to be the critics of George Chaponda, have asked President Peter Mutharika’s former aide, Ben Phiri to come back to state house.

Reports indicate that, with the Chaponda’s corruption scandal some DPP officials believe that Phiri is the only person who  can be at the focal point of the party as 2019 elections are fast approaching.

But according to impeccable sources, Phiri has cautiously welcomed calls to go back to State House, saying he is not the appointing authority.

“State House is somebody’s plot. I cannot just go there but if you want me to go back to the DPP (ruling Democratic Progressive Party) then I am more than ready,” he said.

He said he has not been at DPP offices for a while.

Phiri was seen as Mutharika’s strong man and confidante but he resigned as the presidential aide, saying there are some people at Kamuzu Palace whom he did not go along with.

His resignation came after a wave of revelations of corruption mainly from Barrister Allan Ntata.

DPP cadets have now launched a crusade to have him back at State House along with the president’s nephew, Chimwemwe Kujaliwa.

Phiri said he would think deeply any offer to have him back at State House, saying he is a field man not an office boy.

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