South Africa xenophobic attacks

South African celebrated comedian and television host of The Today Show on Comedy Central has a sharp message to his fellow South Africans who are in a violent rampage against their fellow black African immigrants.

“Your your anger and outrage is misplaced. African immigrants don’t own lands, don’t run companies, don’t own mining companies, don’t operate trophy hunting companies, do not ship out capital to European banks,” Noah said on his show this past week after a wave of violent outbreak waged by South Africans against African immigrants living in South Africa.

The talk show host pointed out that there are about 2.3 million Immigrants living in South Africa, this number includes Africans, Chinese, Bangladeshi, Indians, middle easterners, and Europeans who are not born in SA. He said out of this number, only 1.6 million are Africans.
He was quick to add that the 1.6 million Africans mostly run small shops, vending, service industries etc. or hold small to mid management level jobs and that these may lay claim to less than 0.00001% of wealth in South Africa.
On the other hand, Noah argued, white people  in South Africa make up about 8.7% of the population and controls over 85% wealth.
Although there are increases in black CEOs and managers, these are mere servants and just there as optical presentations.
Noah pointed out that there are about 6,000 Europeans families who own over 85% of agricultural lands in South Africa.
“So, when I hear South Africans claiming that other Africans are competing with them on dwindling/scarce resources, I say that your anger and outrage is misplaced, the sharp-tongued and witty comedian points out.
In recent weeks there has been an escalation of violence meted by South Africans against immigrant Africans living in South Africa. Last week Amnesty international issued a press release that pointed to the lax in the South African security authorities in dealing with these outbreaks that can be traced to 2008.
There are incidences of immigrants being stabbed, done shot and Orgera set in fire by angry mobs of South Africans.
The international human rights watchdog, while monitoring the situation, it has tasked the SA authorities to the appropriate action to ensure the protection of all immigrants.
“Yours is a complete misplaced anger, prejudice and xenophobia built up out of an inferiority complex created by decades of apartheid and oppression. I don’t see fellow Africans as a competitor but a fellow compatriot who is struggling to feed his family and have some comfort in this short life-time, Noah said to fellow South Africans.
“If you feel undeserved in wealth distribution, please research again who controls that wealth and it has nothing to do with some Nigerian, Zimbabwean or Mozambican working in a restaurant or an Ethiopian running a small shop, or a Ghanaian mechanic working hard in the sun,” Noah said.
He closes by advising all Africans, especially his South African compatriots, to share the spirit of *Ubuntu.*
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