Bolivia’s former president seek asylum in Mexico

By Angella Semu

Bolivia’s former president Evo Morales has departed to Mexico for political asylum following tension in his country after his resignation as the president.

Together with three officials next in the presidential line of succession including the Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera, resigned following allegations about Serious irregularities during the October 20th presidential election which triggered mass protest and has led to death of three people and hundred others injured so far.

Morales denied the allegations and declared himself the winner over his opposition, Carlos Mesa, during the elections. He has fled to Mexico following what he has described as a “coup” against him by the country’s military and opposition.

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard confirmed this on twitter that Morales had boarded a Mexican government plane.

“The Mexican Air Force plane with Evo Morales on board has already taken off. In line with existing international conventions he is under the protection of Mexico. His life and integrity are secure,” he wrote.

Head of Bolivia’s national police, general Vladimir Calderón said several police units have been looted following the protests and hence the need to join hands with armed forces in the country to end the tension.

As quoted by CNN, Calderón said “joint operation with Bolivian Armed Forces will end when peace is established throughout the Bolivian people.”

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