Just within two years in office, President Lazarus Chakwera has failed to deliver his Hi 5 promises. Please don’t present myopic arguments that we need to evaluate Chakwera’s regime in 2025 for these issues need urgent attention now.

Chakwera dares PSs on civil service discipline
  1. Fight against corruption

a) incidences of corruption are the highest in Malawi such as NOCMA gate,, Batawala gate, Cross roads hotel gate, rehabilitation of state houses gate, land acquisition gate etc..
b) The Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) is still not independent as promised and there is no bill so far to that effect.
c) There is miscarriage of justice since the courts are granting stay orders restraining ACB from investigating and arresting corruption suspects.
d) The Director of Public Prosecution is protecting corruption suspects by withholding consent to prosecute them. And also corruption cases take long to conclude.
e) There is no political will in fighting corruption. Imagine the whole Attorney General proposing 2 months amnesty to corruption suspects to surrender what they have stolen and yet there is no law backing that.

  1. Prospering together

a) Public officers are amassing wealth at the expense of poor Malawians.
b) There is unequal access to justice. The elite such as Kezzie Msukwa are being protected by the courts from being investigated while poor suspects get tougher sentences. A 19 year old, Mussa John was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment for illegal possession of marijuana while a wealthy person was just fined for cultivating the illegal plant.
c) We are not prospering together as wealth is concentrated on friends, acquaintances, relatives and church members of President Chakwera, Vice President Chilima and other public officers.
d) There is unequal access to education at all levels. While poverty stricken students are dropping out due to high fees, the elite can afford to pay high fees in private schools. Some even send their children abroad for better quality education.
e) We are not prospering together. While the poor die in public hospitals due to scarcity of essential drugs, the elite can afford better health care from private hospitals here and beyond.

  1. Unity

a) Nepotism is dividing Malawi further. President Chakwera employed his own daughter and son in law. Vice President Chilima’s mother in law was offered a diplomatic position in Zambia.
b) Regionalism and tribalism practiced by Chakwera leave Malawi more divided. Lilongwe district from where Chakwera comes has a lion’s share of opportunities and public appointments.
d) Appeasement policy by President Chakwera does not provide equal opportunities to Malawians. There was a time when a husband and a wife; a brother in-law and sister in-law; a brother and a sister were all part of the cabinet concentrating wealth on privileged families.
e) The useless ministry of national unity and civic education is not assisting matters too. We are more disunited than before. This ministry must disbanded and incorporated into other ministries.

  1. Rule of law

a) President Chakwera had no mandate to appoint the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Malawi Revenue Authority.
b) The courts are interfering with the operations of the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) by granting stay orders that prevent it from investigating and arresting corruption suspects such as Kezzie Msukwa and Ashok
c) The courts and judges are interfering with the office of the ombudsman by restraining it from releasing a report on unprocedural recruitment of Mr. Henry Kachaje.
d) There is slow justice as suspects are being arrested , granted bail and it takes ages for such cases to come to a logical conclusion. Examples are Muluzi case, Paul Mphwiyo’s case, Norman Chisale’s etc…
e) There is selective justice. It is surprising that no current cabinet minister is not implicated in the Sattar’s corruption case when there is ample evidence that they have accumulated unexplained massive wealth within a short period of time.

  1. Servant leadership

a) Chakwera increased his salary while failing to grant the promised monthly stipend to the elderly.
b) There exist poor economic and monetary policies that address the rising costs of goods and services which affect the remote rural poor most.
c) When people flooded his inbox for economic solutions, President Chakwera lambasted at them saying that he can’t feed people’s families. He has no people’s welfare at heart.
d) President Chakwera has no shame of remorse when he claimed that his government had created over 900,000 jobs when many Malawians are jobless and over 600,000 people had lost their jobs.
e) President Chakwera’s regime doesn’t care about people’s welfare indeed. President Chakwera is not concerned about poor public service delivery including scarcity of essential drugs in the public hospitals, high suicide rate, etc..

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