Malawi pres. Mutharika: his Commission of Inquiry on maize-gate is presented with evidence

Malawi President Peter Mutharika can be blamed for many things but his understanding of Social Media in Malawi can only be said to be second to none. Credit by many observers is given to his loyal personal  assistant Dr. Ben Phiri for creating the DPP CADET Squad. These boys are Merciless on social Media in attacking those that will dare to oppose President Peter Mutharika.  Many of them will lie and embellish on stories. They have attacked the likes of Former President Joyce Banda, Lazarus Chakwera, Civil Society in the country and including one of their own Allan Ntata.


In most cases the facts to them do not matter, like when they accused Bushiri of selling dope, Accusing Allan Ntata of wanting a plum job and failing to get one in the Peter Mutharika government thus becoming their tormentor.


However, one James Mwangalli is an exception to this, Every time I need to see Mutharika’s side of an issue I wait to see what James Mwangalli has to say on social Media about the issue. While I might not agree with his conclusions in most cases he gets there with sound reasoning.


The latest such defense of Peter Mutharika has come in the Maize-Gate saga, you know the Buzz on Malawi Social Media that says George Chaponda was trying to enrich himself at the expense of starving Malawians.


Malawi President Peter Mutharika appointed a commission of inquiry to look into this, however people started criticizing the Malawi President even before the ink dried on the appointment letters to the inquiry. To the Rescue of the Malawi President came James writing the following on his Facebook Book and sharing with now his many followers:

Sometimes, I wonder whether some arguments are well thought thru or one is just driven by the urge to at least say something. Well, when one thinks about the Admarc Maize saga, one would think Govt especially the HE has acted with speed to unravel circumstances around this issue.

The President has appointed a Commission to unearth all relevant information surrounding this transaction, for the benefit of the public. The advantage with such a Commission is that its results will be made public and therefore every concerned Malawian will be well informed of the circumstances.


The Commission does not necessarily stop other governance structures or appropriate authorities from investigating the issue at hand, rather the Commission results can also help in facilitating speedy investigations. Now, instead of applauding Govt for moving with speed on this issue, some quarters are rubbishing the setting up of the Commission. In essence such quarters would prefer to continue with speculation and lies! Their main argument, akuti previous inquiry commissions have not translated, an argument which all objective Malawians find laughable! Well, if one is to stoop low and argue just as our opposition parties and partisan CSOs are doing, one would ask as to why the opposition MCP continues to stand in every Presidential election, when such attempts have not translated for the past FIVE elections! My point is, let’s give the Commission time to do its work, release its report, only then should we judge its contribution.”

I just love Cadet James

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