Malawi Police
Arrested a suspect and will appear in court soon
Man killed in Dowa over Goat meat

Dowa( Maravi post)- Tsanzo Mbewu is under Dowa police custody for allegedly murdering Masiye Maritchi. The victim met his fate on Sunday after having a disagreement over goat meat with the suspect.

According to Dowa Police Spokesperson Richard Kaponda ” the incident occurred at a local bar in the village where the suspect practices his trade”.
The deceased purchased some goat meat which he asked, the suspect to keep as he would collect it later when going home. However when he went to collect the meat, he was angered to hear that the suspect passed on his meat to his grandson. This lead to an heating argument that became physical. Tragically the deceased fell hitting his head on a wall and passed on.
The suspect shall be taken to court soon after the completion of investigations.

The deceased comes from Mtanda village whilst the suspect comes from Chatama village which are both under traditional authority Makambewa in Dowa.

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