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Moreover, it is easy to use both a computer and a mobile device on the site. It is easy to find out all the information about Milan’s performances here. In the season that ended, the team managed to break into the Champions League zone for the first time in a long time.

In the course of a busy campaign, the Rosso-neri even had been claiming the title for a long time. However, several unsuccessful matches in February-March resulted in the team dropping out of the race for the title.

However, in the end it managed to finish in the 2 place, which can be called a very successful result. Football results of the team today can be viewed on our website.

Next season we will see the Rosso-neri in the Champions League, but in order to perform well in this tournament, they need to strengthen their line-up more. It is likely that the team will be active in the transfer market this summer.

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As for Milan, the ended season turned out to be successful for the team due to a number of factors:

  1. Decline of direct competitors. Here, Juventus should be noted first of all, as it didn’t win a Scudetto for the first time in 10 years. Milan was able to take full advantage of the failures of competitors, which allowed the team to finish so high.
  2. Good form of leaders. Calabria, Çalhanoğlu, Hernandez, Rebić and, of course, Ibrahimović had a good season. The contribution of these players to the final result was especially obvious.
  3. Good teamwork of the players. There is a good understanding between them. As a result, they allow the minimum number of fails on the field.

You can also note the contribution of the head coach. Silvio Piole, who was invited as an anti-crisis manager, managed to gain a foothold in his post and instill an attacking style of play in the team. And now, it is definitely one of the best clubs in Italy.

It will be interesting to see a refreshed AC Milan in the Champions League after their players return from EURO 2021. The results can be easily tracked on the verified statistics website.

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