Written by Angella Semu

Rev. kawalala

The Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) has condemned President Arthur
Peter Mutharika’s tyrannic behavior that he has recently exhibited in the country.

In a statement signed by Commissioner Rev. Dr. Zacc Kawalala, Chairperson for Ethics, Peace and Justice commission (EPJC) -a special Commission of EAM-the association has denounced the president’s continued attacks on the judiciary which has been recently amplified in the State of National Address (SONA) that the president delivered when opening Parliament session.

According to Kawalala, the continued attacks on the judiciary is contrary to what is expected of President Mutharika who vowed to defend the Constitution and uphold rule of Law.

“The EPCJ has learnt with great dismay the continued attempts by President Arthur Peter Mutharika- who also happens to be the torchbearer of the DPP/UDF alliance in the forthcoming 23 June 2020 Presidential elections- to undermine the Judiciary as clearly exemplified in the recent State of the Nation Address (SONA). The President’s remarks that “Parliament is is more supreme above the Courts” is regrettable and a direct attack not only to the Judiciary but also to the principle of Separation of Power and Constitutional Supremacy which Malawi abides to,” reads the statement in part.

EAM has also reprimanded the recent forced retiral of the Right Honourable Andrew K.C. Nyirenda SC Chief Justice of Malawi that was announced in a statement issued on 12th June 2020 signed by the Chief Secretary to the Government, Lloyd Muhara.

The association has also revealed that Chief Justice Nyirenda together with Justice Twea have been asked to leave their offices despite reports that their tenure is expected to run up to December 2021 and April 2021 respectively.

“We are reliably informed that the tenure of the Chief Justice Andrew K.C Nyirenda and Justice Twea runs up to December 2021 and April 2021 respectively. As such they cannot be forced to resign now even if the pending leave days are factored in,” the statement reads further.

The EPJC chairperson has, therefore, proposed that Chief Justice Nyirenda and Justice Twea should continue discharging their duties until the end of their tenure and has urged all stakeholders including the Judiciary, Civil Society, Malawi Law Society, faith community, development partners to remain firm and defend the Constitution and democracy.

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