George Chaponda
George Chaponda: CSOs want him prosecuted

The failure to arrest George Chaponda and place him in police custody, will put Malawi in chaos as citizens will ask, why not. Former leader, Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda tasted a house arrest, former Government Hostess, Cecilia Tamanda Kadzamira, served some time in police custody, and so did MCP strongman John Zenus Ungapake Tembo. These three are the strongest and most powerful people during the Malawi Congress Party 31-year rule.

Others that have been jailed for “wrong-doing,” include former president Bakili Elson Muluzi, the late AFORD leader Chakufwa Thomas Chihana and former UDF minister Brown Mpinganjira. The question being asked is “why is the corrupt crook who was involved in many scandals of corruption, being spared? Is George Chaponda a special citizen who is above the law in Malawi?

President Peter Mutharika, must know that the presidency is a contractual job of five years, renewable once, and if the masters (aka citizens) are not satisfied with his performance while he is in office, we are likely to remove him with the vote.

For three years Peter Mutharika has pushed the society of Malawi into a tiring dilemma. He has infested a syndrome of corruption in almost everyone, particularly those DPP cadets and members of the blue league.

When we are discussing state and national related matters, they jump and blame this on opposition politicians. Any enlightening and constructive criticism that comes from free thinkers and neutral minds, are smear-campaigned as being supporters of Joyce Banda or Lazarus Chakwera.

President Peter Mutharika and his DPP party have locked and sealed themselves in a left egg that we call “chitsilu” in our language. While all eggs have produced chicks, the DPP has remained an egg on the hatch grass.

These are the guys that are going to destroy our nation beyond repair if left to keep plundering and corrupting our country.

Without shame, the administration of Peter Mutharika and DPP have accepted that they are the most corrupt and crooked men and women in suits who unashamedly are stealing and blackmailing the country and citizens in broad daylight.

Knowing the gravity of their crime against humanity on the way they have plundered and stolen state money since 2005 they are merciless people who will kill in order to secure their freedom. They forget power exchange hands at the ballot box, and when it does the music danced thereafter is Sayanora.

So many institutions have exhibited deplored corrupt practices; president Peter Mutharika himself has deplored corruption but what superiority does George Chaponda possess to be feared to such degree?

The anger of Malawians cannot be felt now but soon the anger will not be contained or confined in the hearts of citizens.

In the absence of justice, the country can become ungovernable, lawless and violent.

To the cadets who are supporting the evil of corruption we say ” shame on you”. To CCAP, ECM, PAC, opposition parties and free thinkers in the likes of the Utopian, Manganya, and so many groups that have emerged on the quest of restoring our country we say “bravo to you”.

You are patriots and compatriots of integrity, in your hands that the country is bestowed.

But we are not going to keep quite seeing George Chaponda free when cases of corruption are full to the brim on his shoulders.

As far as Malawi is our country and that we are patriotic citizens of this country, we will make sure that all corrupt men and women, are arrested.

Minor thieves are being stripped naked, our country put to shame because of hunger, yet thieving ministers in suits, are enjoying freedom in the very same country.

Unless president Peter Mutharika amend the constitution that poor thieves must face justice while rich thieves in the name of Chaponda must not see justice. Failing which all are equal in the face of the law and the constitution is binding to all, hence the need to see George Chaponda in custody.


Saunders Jumah

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