Pastor Hastings Salanje
Pastor Hastings Salanje – For 2030 president

Pius Nyondo – Johannesburg

South Africa-based Malawian born Pastor Hastings Salanje of God’s Chapel Ministries has said he is going to emerge victorious in the 2030 presidential elections saying he feels duty-bound to respond to God’s call of him joining politics.

In an exclusive interview with Associated Press (AP) on Monday from Johannesburg, Pastor Salanje, who is renowned for his show-off on social media platforms such as Facebook said he was not dumping ministry for politics but rather because it was God’s command to him.

“Both careers [church ministry and politics] are good but it depends on why you are doing one instead of the other. They are both good professions because you are serving people, but it depends on who has sent you: have you sent yourself or God has sent you. In my case I find it a privilege that after serving God as a pastor I can also serve him in Government,” said Pastor Salanje.

According to Salanje, he was not coming into government to enjoy life.

“I am already enjoying my life but God is asking me to be President so that He can use the favor that he has already given me to prosper Malawi. God prospered Egypt because of Joseph.

“When God called me to be a pastor, I told Him that I don’t want a salary from the church and God has been faithful up to now I have never received a salary from the church or a donation.

“With the same thing God is calling me to be a president, I have already prayed to God that I don’t need a salary from the Government and I know that it will be done,” he said.

He said: “By the time I come into government I will be so rich that I will not need to use anything from the Government, including private jets and a motorcade.”

According to Salanje he was different from other pastors because he was a successful businessman as well.

“Malawi needs a businessman not a pastor or a professor. Malawi needs a man who has a spirit of God in him so that a spirit of prosperity can come into Malawi. We don’t have gold nor oil, nor minerals so we need the hand of God to kick start the economy of Malawi.

“I want a new Malawi with new cities, new transportation system, and new infrastructure. Our cities need new road networks. The way our cities are built it can take 100 years to change it, but we need to choose new land in Blantyre and Lilongwe and develop new modern cities,” he said.

The Ntcheu-born pastor said God was asking him to be President.

He said: “I started seeing it when I was young but it came clear in 2009 when I saw myself winning presidential elections. I was so surprised to see that and I started praying against it but the more I was praying the more I kept on seeing it in my dreams. Now I have accepted the call and I will do it for the love of God and people of Malawi.”

According to Salanje, who was born in 1972, God was going to be his chief financier as far as campaign funds were concerned.

“I am a pastor but apart from that I am a businessman. There are many businesses that I want to do like launching an airline. I am currently in the solar industry, and I am planning a lot of businesses. I have investments that will bring billions of dollars and those are the billions that God wants me to use to build things in Malawi,” he said.

The pastor said in a few years’ time he would be moving to the US because that is where his investments would be successfully implemented.

“Then around 2028 or 2029 I will come back home to run the Government in 2030.I need prayers from people because what my eyes have seen will benefit many people. God has His own ways and I believe God has shown me what must be done to eliminate poverty in my country,” Salanje said.

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