Aries: A word of praise from someone important is in store for you on the social front. A child or sibling is likely to make you feel proud by becoming more responsible. A function may mark the beginning of your love life as you catch someone’s eye! You will manage to take a step closer to clinching the deal on the professional front.  

Taurus: Your concern is likely to touch someone’s heart. A person you are fond of is likely to suggest something exciting. Homemakers are likely to put their ideas into practice by renovating their house. A change of scene is foreseen and may take some on a short journey. Don’t leave anything half baked at work as it may go against you. 

Gemini: Networking will help you in getting a coveted post. Lover may get in the mood of going someplace exotic, so don’t miss out on this chance. A fun-filled activity with someone close is foreseen on the romantic front. Wait ends for those searching for a better accommodation. 

Cancer: In business circle, if you need advice, don’t hesitate to ask even your rivals. A deal may swing in your direction, if you play your cards well. You will manage to establish yourself on the academic front and make people who matter notice. Family life remains stable and provides much happiness. 

Leo: A few good words of your well wishers will work wonders in keeping you in a positive frame of mind today. You will be able to master a complex skill at work. Don’t let up on your efforts on the academic front. Acquiring a major item will no more be a pipedream as you have enough. 

Virgo: Seeking expert guidance for an ongoing project at work will be a step in the right direction. A decision on the professional front may prove favourable to you. Financially, you may experience a surge in your earnings. Bank balance remains in the pink of health for some. A romantic evening out is foreseen. Health remains satisfactory. 

Libra: You will get the opportunity you wanted on the professional front. Your popularity is set to rise on the social front. Looking up someone you have not met in years is possible today. Lover may be waiting for you to take the initiative on the romantic front, so don’t disappoint! 

Scorpio: Efforts made on the social front may go unrecognised and frustrate you. You may be at risk of getting drawn into an argument at work and get unnecessarily stressed. Fear of something bad happening on the medical front can give some sleepless nights. Financial health needs care. 

Sagittarius: Your efforts on the professional front may not get immediate results, but promise to be encouraging. Success is foreseen for those seeking an easy loan. Positive developments on the romantic front are envisaged. Delay is foreseen in a journey, but you will be able to make up the time. 

Capricorn: Your suggestions may be opposed on the professional front and all your convincing may also not work. Someone you have an appointment with is likely to make you waste your time waiting. You may find it difficult to avoid an embarrassing situation on the social front that you have, more or less, brought upon yourself. Loss of money is foreseen. 

Aquarius: You will do well to address some concerns of spouse or a family member on the family front. Your own resolve will keep you fit and energetic. Those playing the stocks are likely to hit the jackpot. Some investments in the past may mature to give handsome returns. You may be especially chosen to head a committee or some other governing body. 

Pisces: A plan on the home front may get you all excited. Those longing for love are certain to find it soon. You will be able to cut on time in travelling to a distant destination by taking a better route. A piece of good news awaits some in the property market.


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