A marauding hyena on Friday morning viciously attacked an elderly couple and two other people before it was killed by a brave member of the community in Salima.

Senior Superintendent Darlington Akambadi of Salima Police confirmed the attack and said that the survivors are now receiving treatment at Salima District Hospital.

Akambadi identified the survivors as 68 year old Faiton Kamwethira, his 53 year old wife Patuma Shaibu, 18 year old Chancy Thifu and 18 year old Boazi Zakeyu all from Mbulu village, T/A Maganga in the district.

“We received a report that the four were attacked on Friday morning at Mbulu village when they were doing their everyday house-hold duties. We understand that the four were attacked one after another,” said Akambadi.

According to the first survivor, Kamwethira, the hyena attacked him and his wife when they were collecting
bricks from garden a few meters away from their house using an ox-cart.

“I was with my wife and a few other people when we saw the hyena near us.

I tried to charge as it was in day light but instead the Hyena charged and bit my hand. It turned on my wife who tried to rescue me. It bit off her two hands before other more people came to our rescue,” said Kamwethera.

The hyena escaped into the nearby bush after the commotion where it was followed by a group of men from the village without success.

The hero for the day, Davie Galatiya, killed the hyena when it attacked during its fourth attack.

“The hyena bit Chancy on his left arm and threw him to the ground. I hit it hard on its head six times with a metal bar. It fell unconscious. I continued hitting it until it died,” narrated Galatiya.

Mathews Phiri, Senior Parks and Wildlife Hunter, who visited the place where the hyena was killed said the hyena seems to have rabies and that it was living alone around the area.

“People have told me that they have been seeing the hyena for about three months but they were not reporting to our department. If they had reported in good time, we could have acted quickly and prevented the scenario,” said Phiri.

Phiri has since assured that there is no other hyena around the area.

“The Hyenas usually come from Senga hills but they do not usually remain near people. I am sure the place is safe after the killing of this hyena,” said Phiri.

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