Indian police officers shot dead four rape suspects

HYDERABAD-(MaraviPost)-Four men who were in police custody in connection to India’s most troubling rape case that took place in southern Indian city of Hyderabad have been gunned down by police officers at the crime scene at 3 a.m this morning.

According to the officers involved, these men were taken to the crime scene to demonstrate how the crime was committed in the middle of the night to gather enough evidence to convict them of the crime after police being pressurized to bring them to justice.

Things turned sour when two of the men tried to grab the officers’ guns in attempt to escape leaving the officers with no choice but to shoot them dead.

Officers involved in the death of the four men have been labeled as heros for bringing the rape suspects to justice. According to top police official, V.C. Sajjanar, the four men have been served with justice for the crimes they committed.

However human rights activists believe the killing of the officers has violated human rights that every citizen in the country is entitled with. In recent years, Indian police have killed countless people in same manner and human rights activists believe this might be one of those cases and police have fabricated the story cover their tracks.

As reported by The New York Times, Ranjana Kumari, the director of the Center for Social Research, a nonprofit advocacy group said: “It’s just the outcry that pressured the government to do away with the four men and this is a total and utter violation of human rights”.

She continued to say killing of others in such circumstance is total failure of the criminal justice system.

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