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LONDON-(MaraviPost)-The Act of Settlement 1701, prevents a “papist” (Roman Catholic) from inheriting the English throne.

Under that basis the Queen cannot be a Roman Catholic. So the answer is 100% NO.

However being a catholic is a different matter, (read further down)

Roman Catholic Church

  • The head of the Roman Catholic Church is the Pope.

Church of England/Anglican

  • Queen Elizabeth II is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, an Anglican/Episcopalian church.

catholic or Roman Catholic (note Capital letters)

Protestants, of course, do not equate “catholic” with “Roman Catholic.” The word catholic simply means “general, universal, concerning the whole.” What do Protestant churches mean when they recite “I believe in the holy catholic church” and “the communion of saints” in the Apostles’ Creed?

The Catholic religion is the religion of the Catholic Church—i.e., that group of churches in communion with the pope. If a group isn’t in communion with the pope, it isn’t part of the Catholic Church. What is the difference between the Roman Catholic and the Catholic religion?

Firstly it must be emphasised that the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches are not different religions but different denominations of the one religion – Christianity. What are the differences between the Anglican Church and the Roman Catholic Church?

  • Definition of ‘catholic’ (with lowercase c): a wide variety of things; all-embracing; “her tastes are pretty catholic”. Comes from the Latin ‘catholicus” meaning universal or whole.
  • Definition of ‘Catholic’ (with uppercase c): was first used to describe the Christian Church in the early 2nd century. The one and only Church of God. This now presumably includes any religion that believes in God.

This makes interesting reading: When did the term “Roman Catholic Church” first come into being?

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Queen Elizabeth II is the head of her church. That would make her the Pope if she was Catholic.

Q: Is Queen Elizabeth Catholic? She is actually Church of England.

Queen Elizabeth certainly was not a Catholic; she was a Protestant. This was a major issue during her reign as Queen of England, which was from 1558 until her death in 1603.

At that time, there were many people in England who wanted their country to return to the Church of Rome, and a considerable number of them were ready to murder Elizabeth as a way of bringing that about.

But since your question is phrased using the present tense, I suspect you meant to ask about Queen Elizabeth II, the current monarch of the United Kingdom. So I’ll give you an answer for that, too.

You could say that she is Catholic; Anglo-Catholic that is. She is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, which is an offshoot of Roman Catholicism.

But she is definitely not a Roman Catholic, nor could she ever be. Only a member of the Anglican Church may reign in the United Kingdom. So if she was ever to convert to the Church of Rome, she could not take the Coronation Oath and would not be eligible to be Queen.

No. None of the monarchs of England, with the sole exception of Mary Tudor, have been Catholic since Mary Tudor’s father, Henry VIII, broke with the Catholic church so he could marry Anne Boleyn The Church of England replaced the Catholic church as far as the monarchy was concerned.

Queen Elizabeth II is the Defender of the Faith as will Prince Charles when he becomes King, and Prince William after that.

Assuming you mean Queen Elizabeth II of the UK, she isn’t Roman Catholic — and neither can she be one.

The reason is that the British monarch is also the Supreme Governor (i.e. head) of the Church of England.

Therefore H.M. The Queen has to be Anglican (and she is).

Source: quora.com

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