Can Sports Betting be Considered as a Game of Skill?

Many experts have argued the nature of sports betting throughout history. Some claim it is a game of luck, while the others tend to rather associate it with skill. Both sides have respectable arguments. One thing is for sure – it is different than casino games in so many aspects. To get in a better position to answer the above-asked question, we should check the definition of gambling. Any playing for money or property, betting on an uncertain outcome, wagering something on a contingency, and taking a chance is considered gambling.

Well, the definition was not much of a help as driving a car, starting a business, or quitting a job could all be considered gambling according to it. Utilizing betting apps belongs to this category. Is it a gambling, though? Much like starting your own business, you take a chance when you place a sports wager. Success of the new company is not guaranteed, meaning the outcome is uncertain, much like in sports events. However, they still consider the former activity a calculated risk, and the latter gambling. Can we truly separate the two? Let’s involve casino games and see whether we can find the distinction. 

Knowing what are you doing is the key

They say that you are not gambling as long as you know what you are doing. If you thus choose a good and reliable babysitter, your kid will be in safe hands. If you investigate the market thoroughly, your new business has great chances of turning into success. If you know a lot about the specific sporting event you’d like to place a bet on, do you increase your chances of winning? The logic says yes. Looking from this perspective, playing at a sports betting app is not gambling. Let’s see what happens when we involve the casino games.

Casino games

When it comes to traditional casino games, the house has an edge in all of them. No matter what game you play (except for poker) and no matter how you play it, you will always lose to the operator long-term. Can you recognize the difference? Regardless of your skills, you will lose money at a casino. That’s just how the rules are set. As mentioned above in the paragraph, poker is an exception. Although it has a massive luck factor, poker is a skill-based game where professionals will always come on top against amateurs. 


As opposed to a casino games player, a person who places a bet on a sports outcome has much more control over the result of his bet. The sportsbooks do set the odds in their favor, much like with casinos, but the players can still choose what to bet themselves. If you research teams and players and if you actually know your stuff, there is a much higher chance you will be able to successfully predict the outcome of a certain event. Obviously, you can’t control how the humans will perform on the field, but hey, the entrepreneurs can’t control the happenings on the market either and yet their investments are called calculated risks, not gambling. We’ll leave the answer up to you.

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