Since independence, Nigeria has been dogged by political instability caused by tribal political alliances. Some people believe rotational presidency will create equal opportunity for all Nigerians to participate without any form of discrimination. Rotational presidency, they argued,  will promote national cohesion, stability, and effective power sharing. It will remove the struggle for power and promote peace. 

Professor Ishak Akintola director and founder of Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC)disagreed with Christian Association of Nigeria’s (CAN) suggestion that the next president should be a Christian. He said: “We believe that it is not yet the turn of a Christian to be the President of Nigeria if we want to go by mathematical exactitude from the time Nigeria began civil rule in 1999.”

As the self appointed solicitor and advocate of the marginalized, the excluded, the forgotten, and the locked out groups like the Babalawos (Herbalist), the Egunguns (masquerades), the Ogbonis (Lodge), I believe it is the turn of the Babalawos to produce the next president, followed by the Egunguns, the Ogbonis, and so on and so forth. It’s on record that for the past 61 years, the Babalawos have been unfairly disenfranchised. They have been ostracized. They have been made invisible. They have been targeted for perpetual exclusion from the presidency. 

In 2023 Nigeria needs and deserves transformative leadership. We need honest, competent, intelligent, educated, matured, compassionate, and visionary, president. Only a president produced by the Babalawos can revolutionize Nigeria. Their records show. With their juju power, they have rescued Nigeria and brought it back from the brink many times. On the contrary, presidents who were Christians and Muslims have been a disaster for the country. They are stinkingly corrupt. They have destroyed our democracy, civilization, and humanity. They have multiplied the woes and miseries of the Nigerian people. They have proved beyond reasonable doubt that they are the real and the only enemies of Nigeria. The daily headlines of gloom and doom caused by their corruption and political malpractice attest to this.

Past presidents have been beneficiaries of the spiritual power of the Babalawos. The incumbent president cannot deny the help he received from Babalawos during the last elections. He’s greatly indebted to them. The Babalawos have decided to take Nigeria back from the Fulani terrorists. They will not allow any Christian or Muslim to succeed the incumbent Muslim president in 2023.

Babalawos will fight for what rightly belongs to them. Nigeria is their heritage. Nigeria belongs to them. Nigeria is their property. They are born to rule. They have the numbers. In fact, in the last population census, Babalawos are 190 million. Whereas, the Christian and Muslim combined population is 40 million. They’ll win the elections easily. Enough of the madness! We’ll restore Nigeria to purity, love, peace, progress, and prosperity.

Let’s go there!

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