Peter Mutharika and Atupele Muluzi during presentation of nomination papers ceremony

MaraviPost: MEC Chairperson Jane Ansah was today cheered by DPP and UDF supporters when he was saluted by Malawi President Peter Mutharika during the presentation of Nomination papers for the upcoming campaign.

Again, the Chairperson was cheered during her remarks directed towards President Peter Mutharika.

In her remarks she assured that the Commission continues with the assignment of conducting a fresh presidential election.

She said today we gather here for the Presentation of Nomination Papers by Presidential Candidates, as we prepare for the election on 2 July 2020. This is a definitive moment as it shapes the race for the election.

At this moment, the Commission and the entire nation officially gets to know one of those interested to contest for the presidency of this country.

Jane Ansah receiving nomination Papers from Malawi President Peter Mutharika

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to appreciate the bold move taken by the Candidate, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika for coming forward to present nomination papers.

She directly addressed Mutharika by saying, our Honourable Candidate, an election is a competition which no one participates with an expectation of losing. However, it remains a clear and undeniable fact that only one person emerges a winner at the end. The race sometimes can get so intense and muddy.

I urge you to confine yourself to an issue-based campaign. Malawians are tired of mud-slinging and foul-mouthed electioneering. For a change, they want this election to be peaceful. I would therefore like to urge you, Sir to champion the cause for a clean campaign.

Jane Ansah promised that the Commission, in consultation with all political parties and electoral stakeholders, developed a Code of Conduct for Candidates and Political Parties during elections. This Code of Conduct provides guidelines of how to conduct campaign and some of the things which candidates or their followers should not do.

She therefore asked President Peter Mutharika and the DPP Party to publicize the Code of Conduct you have signed and to observe it.

MEC to Deliver FREE and Fair Elections

We would like to assure you, Your Excellency, that the Commission, on its part, is fully committed to deliver a free, fair, and credible election to the satisfaction of all contestants and stakeholders. We continue to renew our pledge that we shall work professionally, independently and with utmost impartiality in the management of these polls.

Your Excellency, it is common knowledge that this presidential election is coming at a time the nation is facing a Coronavirus pandemic. With the public health guidelines that have been issued, it calls for unusual campaign unusual.

There is need for a complete departure from the means we have been doing our campaigns to new ones that will protect the citizens whom you want to get your message across.

I, therefore, implore on you, your entourage and the entire team to be very innovative by coming up with new strategies for campaigning that will not increase or pose a danger of increasing the spread of Covid-19 in the country. I also expect you to take the time to civic educate your followers on how they can avoid spreading or contracting the virus.

At the same time, it is my justified expectation from you that you will take the responsibility to teach people about elections, more especially how to vote. For this election, we also have first time voters. Therefore, it is also your duty to ensure that this group is made aware about the importance of elections so that they are motivated to vote.

Our Distinguished candidate and your entourage, from here, the Commission shall proceed to scrutinize your papers and we shall declare you duly nominated within seven days after the closure of the nomination period.

Jane closed by saying, with these few remarks, I wish you God’s blessings and guidance as

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