LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The renown veteran politician and former leader of oppositions in the Parliament, John Tembo has asked President of the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Dr Lazarus Chakwera stop entertain confusionists in the party.

Tembo said this on Zodiak radio on Sunday, during the ‘5 Cruise’ program hosted by Joab Frank Chakhaza.

He said this in answering the question on how Chakwera can deal with the divisions in the party.

According to Tembo, people who are bringing confusion in the party such as MCP secretary general Gustavo Kaliwo and Chatinkha Chizanja Nkhoma are not politicians and have never been the chairpersons of any organization even legislatures.

“Kaliwo is not a politician, so is Chatinkha Nkhoma. Nkhoma join politics because her father was a politician but that does not qualifying her to be a politician. Chakwera should know this,” said Tembo.

While acknowledging the good leadership of Chakwera, Tembo said MCP leader should learn to differentiate politics and Church issues.

The former President of MCP said he knows how Church leaders operate when become political leaders.

“My father was also a Church leader before joining politics. I therefore have experience on how such kind of leaders do their work when join politics. They usually think that such kind problems will end with negotiations one day despite failing for several times,” worried Tembo.

Tembo schooled Chakwera that a political leader does not need to entertain confusionists but to fire them in order to bring peace in the party if dialogue failed.

On the coming in of Sidik Mia, Tembo described it as a good move and blessings to MCP.

According to him, there was a vacuum for MCP in the Lower Shire since Gwanda Chakwamba dumped party and that Mia will bring back the lost glory in the south.

“I don’t believe in shifting parties and I have never done that. But it is the right of everyone to join anyone party he or she want and contest for any position. Mia is not just a politician but a heavyweight in the lower shire. As MCP they need such kind of caliber to strengthen the party in all region,” he added.

Tembo disclosed that Chakwera, Mia and MCP vice President Richard Msowoya visits his house many times to by knowledge.

He then ask all MCP members to respect the party constitution and leadership in order to deal with their competitors.

Currently, MCP has been divided into two, with the group of vice President Richard Msowoya, Kaliwo and Chatinkha among others accusing Chakwera of defiling the party’s constitution as well as creating parallel structures in the party.

However, some MCP legislatures while backing Chakwera asked the National Executive Committee to fire Kaliwo and his group from the party and call for a convention.

The legislatures argued that Msowoya and his group are afraid of Mia who has shown interest to challenge a seat of vice President during convention.

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