File photo: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un Photograph:( Reuters

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has asked the people of his country to eat less food until 2025 following the food crisis in the country.

In his speech, the leader told the citizens of the country that they must expect to eat less food until the country re-opens its border with China in 2025. 

This comes after closure of the country’s border with China in January 2020 as a precautionary measure against the spread of coronavirus 

The closure of the boarder has negatively affected the nation’s economy. Food prices are reportedly on the rise every day in North Korea due to a lack of supply which is unable to meet the demand of people living in the country. 

Few months ago, Kim mobilised the military to carry out relief work in areas recently hit by heavy rains. 

However, this has not helped much as the demand for food is still at an increase amid the inadequate supply. 

Citizens of the country have complained that shortages would make it difficult to see themselves through the winter, let alone multiple years, Ripples reported. 

A report by North Korea’s state TV in August said heavy rains in northeastern part of the country destroyed or flooded 1,170 houses and forced 5,000 residents to evacuate to safety.

Last year, North Korea suffered severe flooding which damaged vital crops and left hundreds of families without homes. This year, crops were also damaged by droughts and subsequent flooding.

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