Lazarus ChakweraBy Our Reporter

 Lazarus Chakwera has returned to Malawi to a very muddled future and a party split with its leadership. Many in the party do not care for his style which they say is my way or the highway. He is on opposite sides with Jessie Kabwira the outspoken spokesperson who is known not to shy away from a good fight.


On his return from his secret trip in the USA which was reported by the Maravi Post as a money begging trip, Lazarus Chakwera assured MCP members that he will work to unearth the controversies rocking the party and resolve them once for all.



Chakwera Argued that the party split was happening because he was not in the country.  However many note that this is not true. Lazarus Chakwera new to the MCP has very few staunch backers within the party. Many wonder has he managed to maneuver John Tembo, they are however suspicious of his ambitions. He trusts very few in the party instead he has foreigners as advisors.


Many are now openly questioning his fortitude and his chances in 2019 which look bleak. They say he does not have what it takes to lead the party, all his decisions have continued to frustrate progress in the party.


Picking a fight with Dr. Jessie Kabwira has been another nail in his coffin and it is very likely he will face opposition for the leadership of the party come 2019.

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