Once again Lazarus Chakwera the man of God has defeated old MCP die hards and also scored a notch in the Malawi courts legitimatizing his rule at the top of the old grand part, Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

The Malawi High Court seating in the capital Lilongwe on Friday, May 6 ruled in his favor party district leaders who had accused him of exercising powers he lacked and has involved the Courts to force him to follow party rules and put to a vote the firings he has initiated.


However the courts ruled against the application of calling for Lazarus Chakwera to hold a convention within 90 days which the court had hinted it would do earlier in March of this year.


Once again Reverend Lazarus Chakwera has won. Another Blemish to the MCP meaning that the expelled MCP’s district and regional chairmen who have been waiting for this ruling have to swallow their pride and work with the Reverend If they want to continue to members of the MCP.


Lewis Chakhwantha MCP’s legal team leader confirmed the development to The Maravi Post on Friday, evening saying the party will invite all the expelled district and regional chairpersons to a round table to hear their side as one family.


According to Chankhwatha the court found that the concerned members flouted the party’s procedure rushing for court redress before using all avenues for their concerns as stipulated in MCP constitution.


Chankhwatha further said the court found that the concerned members errored by using a lawyer who has no valid documents to practice law in Malawi.


“MCP has won the case which some members wanted it to call fresh convention with unreasonable grounds. The court hinted that party issues need to discuss internally before taken outside.


According to the defenders of the Reverend, the lawyer-Namasala of Lincon, Edward & Co for the concerned members did not have a license to represent people in courts in Malawi.

“We are a democracy, we listen to dissenting views hence the calling for a roundtable discussion with them for the growth of the party ahead of 2019 elections as we are in the building process”, says Chankhwatha.


There was no immediate reaction from the disgruntled district and regional chairpersons on the Friday’s court ruling as a head of it they converged at the in the lakeshore district of Salima to map the way forward on what the court will decide whether the party should go for convention or not.


The bone of contention comes amid dissatisfaction among four regional chairpersons whom on January 9, 2016 issued a letter accusing MCP’s President Lazarus Chakwera of raping the party’s constitution that the MCP was losing direction in its affairs.


In a letter, the four chairpersons namely Baza Kaunda, Stowell Gondwe, and Bauleni Mkweza, and Abi Jana (but now withdrawn from the list) for North-South, North-North and Lakeshore respectively were concerned with the silence from Chakwera after the party’s Administrative Secretary Potiphar Chidaya and other party officials were beaten up last year in Blantyre.


Not only that the group also accused MCP leader of nepotism, claiming that the majority of positions in the party are held by people from Lilongwe where Chakwera also comes from.


“Does this imply that this party is now only from Lilongwe? Imagine that Second Secretary General, Administrative Secretary, Treasure General and deputy, Director of elections, Director of youth (Louis

Chankwantha) Director of Women (Majankomsi), Honorable Belekanyama, Ching’oma, Dzole Mwale Chimango are all from Lilongwe just to mention a few”, reads in part the letter signed by Baza Kaunda, Stowell Gondwe, Bauleni Mkweza and Abi Jana.


Apart from that the disgruntled chairpersons blame Chakwera for apparently giving more powers to Members of Parliament (MPs) and not respecting constituency, district and regional committees therefore challenged MCP President not to conduct meetings or elections until a convention is held.


Consequently, after issuing the letter, MCP National Executive Committee (NEC) fired the disgruntled regional and district chairpersons who were part of the movement whom eventually went to court to challenge the party including the continual call for fresh convention.


In March, the High Court in the capital Lilongwe ordered MCP to hold a convention within 90 days the decision which didn’t go well with the party’s NEC which argued that was not given its side of the story as there was no legal representation the time the court was making such a ruling.


Once again the Reverend comes on top!

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