Malawi intellectual debate, a forum on the social media founded by patriot Lyson Sibande to encourage intellectual debate on topical issues affecting Malawians organized a seemingly hot debate entitled: “Is the criticism and hatred towards Bushiri in Malawi justified?”

The topic was brought to the Malawi intellectual community for debate against a background of a number of propaganda stories crafted deliberately to defame and character assassinate the Prophet and induce hate on him as championed by pro-government online publications.  They speculate that Bushiri is up to something political following his different initiatives to help hunger stricken Malawians and different sectors of the Malawi nation and therefore the best way is by nipping him in the bud hence the relentless assault on him. The overall goal is to protect the presidency of their master, President Peter Mutharika.

Outstanding during the debate was the Chief Opposer, Negracious Justin, a legal scholar at Chancellor College who noticeably forcefully rebutted the arguments as advanced by the proposers and submitted that love and not hatred should take centre stage in whatever we do as Malawians and therefore that it is unwarranted to be hating the man of God, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

We hereby bring to you—in full—the closing arguments of the opposer in question. Enjoy the submission!

“In this debate, I accepted the duty to quash the advancements of the proposers, especially such which purported to claim that the criticism and hatred, by some Malawians, toward Prophet Shepherd Bushiri are justified. I accepted this duty because my conviction tells me that these belligerences, bellicosities and antagonisms against the man of God are not only unjustified but also unwarranted.

The proposing team, which is religiously convinced that Prophet Bushiri deserves disapproval as a man of God have weakly advanced the following grounds which I reflect summarily:

  1. That he is a conman stealing from innocent souls.
  2. That he produces false miracles.
  3. That he anoints oil and packs them in different packs.
  4. That he is being worshiped in a manner replacing Jesus Christ.
  5. That his teachings are only based on Miracle Money while abandoning issues of Salvation, sin repentance, and forgiveness.
  6. The claims above have been presented in format whereby it has not been made possible to categorically plant justifiable conviction, before any reasonable mind, in promotion of their credence as issues of tangible evidence, no matter how intensively it was requested, failed to come forth.

What this esteemed proposing team managed, at its best, was to scratch and dance around a region of opinion, insinuations and innuendos. Resultantly, a raw deal has been served by them leaving me continuously wondering as to why their desire lean towards denouncing the Prophet in question.

And here is what I upheld in my submissions as an opposer of the motion in relation to points raised by the proposers:

1). That he is a conman stealing from innocent souls.

Nothing can be further from the truth! Here is a Prophet who is drawing money from his investments to sponsor the hosting of Prophetic Channel on DSTV, purpose of which is to spread gospel through his church services which are aired thereon. Here is a Prophet who makes donations to needy communities using resources drawn from his investments. Here is a man of God who is reaching out to needy students by providing them with scholarships. Is this act of giving out qualifying to be called “stealing”? Such claims may surely refuse to depart from insanity!

(2). That he performs false miracles.

I have argued how the two miracles which have been attacked as fake renders themselves to such criticism. For example, I have suggested that the (air-walking miracle) finds itself liable to criticism because of the expertise or lack thereof how it was recorded. Critics are claiming that the Prophet was holding on to some bars (not shown) and suspended his feet in air. I say this is not true. As the Prophet was approaching (watch the clip), there was no such bars as claimed that the Prophet could be suspected to have used to support himself in air.

The critics are only driven by the fact that the upper body of the Prophet was not displayed as he was airborne. And to that, I have reasoned that I have reasoned that it was simply a bad job of the cameraman (if it was recorded by a cameraman) or limited angle positioning if it was recorded by a CCTV camera. In all circumstances, it was a matter of insufficient angle position of the camera which captured the scenario.

However, I have contended that the fault that the clip was poorly recorded by not displaying the needed angles does not suspend the occurrence or candor of the miracle. The fault is how the miracle was captured and not the miracle itself.

To support this, I drew an example from Joshua 10:13 which reads: “So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, till the nation avenged itself on its enemies, as it is written in the Book of Jashar. The sun stopped in the middle of the sky and delayed going down about full day”.

Using this authority drawn from the Bible, we can observe that it is not a strange thing for a miracle to be less carefully recorded. Here is the point: We, perhaps, all appreciate that between the sun and the earth, it is the earth that rotates around the sun. The sun is fixed. As the earth rotates, it gives the sun the chance to cast its light at different locations of the earth at different times. To minds not exposed to science, the view is that “the sun moves”.

But we know that the men who recorded the Bible were actually enlightened people who knew about science. In the presence of such knowledge, perhaps due to less care to detail and caution, they recorded as if the sun was moving and it stopped. But can we say this poor recording of this miracle renders the miracle fake? Definitely no unless one has serious issue with tolerance of irregularities. But the fact is that this miracle is still appreciated and upheld. In the same manner, the deficiency of expertise and/or lack of caution to display all necessary angle in the air-walking miracle cannot dismiss the miracle in question.

(3). That he anoints oil and packs them in different labels under his brand.

On this one, I made necessary efforts to draw the attention of the proposer and the audience to the concept of anointing. With clarity, I narrated what anointing is all about and how it works. I drew authorities from the Books of 2 Kings 2:13; 2 Kings 4:41; Acts 19:11-12; Ruth 3:3; Micah 6:15; and James 5:14.

Adapting from such authority, I indicated hence that the use of anointing oil is very Biblical and relevant. It was sanctioned by God in Exodus 30:25 that such anointing oil shall be prepared/produced by chosen people. For record sake, it was indicated in the debate that such anointing oil comes from Israel and nowhere else on earth.

The complaint that Prophet Bushiri brands the anointing oil in different packs for the purpose of selling to his church members and willing society, simply doesn’t make any sense. I mean look: We are talking of a product which is imported from Israel after PURCHASE. The very people who are enjoying the mandate to produce it are selling and you expect Prophet Bushiri to go there, buy, import them to South Africa and distribute for free? Serious? And because of that you are saying he is stealing from the innocent souls? Really?

What about those religious institutions which sell Bibles, Hyms, Calendars, Magazines, Adapted books of holy messages etc. Are they liable of theft by there very practice of selling these documents containing gospel? Perhaps its really high time you appreciated that gospel per se is free but the means through which it is spread is costly. Now if I may ask, who bears the cost? Should we really expect Prophet Bushiri to finance every aspect, no matter how small or big, using his personal money from his private investments?

I beg to differ and I hold the view that it should not be a point of irregularity and departure from gospel that anointed men of God today are using anointing oil. It has been emphasized in the Bible (verse forgotten) that the anointing material does not have special superstitious powers to effect their intended purposes, but rather are only used as a symbolic of faith in the healing powers of the Lord. James 5:14 – 15 also corroborates.

(4). That he is being worshiped in a manner replacing Jesus Christ.

I am more than sure that this statement came from an individual who does not have any remorse in lying shamelessly. Its very toxic status was first displayed by the failure to accompany this claim with necessary evidence. Those of us who worship God and believe in the name of Jesus as our Lord and Saviour are always bound to proclaim the name of Jesus in our prayer. I have not heard of, observed or suspected of anyone replacing Jesus for Bushiri in prayers.

To be truthful, even Prophet Bushiri has NEVER at any point uttered a prayer without acknowledging Jesus Christ. In each and every declaration he makes during his sermons, he consistently mentions the name of Jesus Christ. Where this claim came from, I simply don’t know. Perhaps this should be used to support the claim of the theme that some Malawians actually hate Prophet Bushiri. Surely, these allegations can only come from someone who hold great amount of hate against the alleged.

(5). That his teachings are only based on Miracle Money while abandoning issues of Salvation, sin repentance, and forgiveness.

Without shame, this accusation was forwarded without displaying an understanding of what Miracle Money is all about. Those quashing the dogma of Miracle Money are actually holding a crazy perception that the said Miracle Money is some money manufactured mysteriously. I would invite these people to seek an understanding about this concept. Miracle Money is just one of the miracles that happen with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. It is the very same money that we all know which come your way in the least expected circumstances, hence adopting the term miracle. But the name money remains the surname – Miracle Money!

Would it not be a miracle if you wake up one morning and receive money from a friend when you had actually not anticipated any? What about getting a multi-million Kwacha contract where you made no bid? If we do not understand the word miracle first, I am afraid we may not be qualified to criticize about Miracle everything. Our capacity to do so must be preceded by full and proper understanding of all elements in a particular issue.


In view of the empty litany of submissions which are dubiously masqueraded as grounds for the hate and propagation of malice against Prophet Shepherd Bushir – Major 1, I properly direct my condemnation toward these bunch of hate-mongers. I find them as totally lacking justifiable grounds for their efforts to denounce the man of God in question.

What I have seriously observed is that a larger part of this hostility against Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is either influenced by religious politics and/or pure politics itself. This scenario takes my reflection to the moments of Elijah whereby he was hated by Jezebel. The moments when Jesus was hated by Pharisees, and when Apostles were hated by Romans. It is not entirely coming as a surprise today, therefore that Prophets including Prophet Shepherd Bushiri are being chided today. Politicians (including our own President Peter Mutharika) are today condemning Prophets such as TB Joshua. This friction between Prophets and politicians is not new.

Mr. Moderator, ladies and gentlemen in the audience, with hollow opinions and wanton allegations by the proposing community and the due exposure of the same as lacking proper facts and evidence (in that order), a summary bearing candor is drawn from facts submitted by me and my support community that IT HAS BEEN A FAILED UNDERTAKIG BY THE PROPOSING COMMUNITY TO JUSTIFY THEIR CRITICISM AND HATE on Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

We must therefore, as a society with moral standing, reflect and judge if Prophet Shepherd Bushiri really deserve the castigations that he endures with patience and love.He goes on reaching out with help to the same community which vilifies him. He advances love. He rises above hate. Most importantly, he uses all his energy and resources to preach the word of God which is aimed at drawing us closer to the love of God for the benefit of salvation. Prophet Bushiri deserves NO hate. He deserves NO vilification.

We know, for certain, that the conspiracies that are released against Prophet Shepherd Bushiri are a project of politicians who feel that their interests are in one way or another threatened by the influence of anointed man of God. After all, we know government as mostly comprising dishonest people surviving on lies and evil acts. Genesis 1:4 says; “God saw that the light was good, and God separated the light from darkness”. In this manner, LIGHT and DARKNESS shall always separate!

With these remarks ladies and gentlemen, allow me to rest my case!







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