Montana is a peaceful state, but also a homeland of many high-performance athletes like Pat Donovan, Dave McNally, Dan Mortensen, Lones Wigger, and many others who can swing the mountain. But today our friends from ninecasino are going to tell the life lessons of Flint Rasmussen, who is the most prominent rodeo clown in the US and currently resides in Montana. His biography is one-of-a-kind and might give many ideas for topics like life-changing decisions, startups, philosophy, and many more. Let’s get to it.

  • It’s never too late to follow your childhood dream.

Flint Rasmussen firstly announced his idea to get into rodeo during the event with his father and brother. He told that he could perform better than a rodeo clown in the arena. That is exactly what happened lately and Flint promoted rodeo pretty well, his YouTube best moments clip has achieved more than 700,000 views which is bigger than some pro athletes.

  • Don’t be afraid to be different.

When Flint Rasmussen stepped into the rodeo industry, there was no such level of creativity. He brought to the arena trampoline, piano, much other stuff, a sense of humor, and absolutely unpredictable behavior.

  • Develop in different areas.

Prior to his career in rodeo, he was a good college athlete, math and history teacher, radio announcer, and he combined all his experience for a new level of rodeo entertaining. As he said, “Clowns were telling the same jokes since I was five years old, but people were still laughing and that’s OK, but I remember saying if I did I’d bring the crowd involved, dance, and entertain much more diverse”.

  • Don’t be scared to start for free.

He started to work in rodeo for free, his family completely supported him, he was tireless, funny and finally he was inducted to the Rodeo Hall Of Fame.

  • Be communicative.

Even though we are all into social media nowadays, networking is probably one of the biggest things. Eyes contact and the first impression is the greatest thing that can help you out anywhere from business to dating. Flint Rasmussen is adored by many people in the US for his sense of humor, weird behavior, and unpredictable show.

  • Get a rest.

We all know that hard work pays off, but don’t forget about a good chill. You probably heard that sometimes clowns are the saddest persons in the world. Anyway, so much attention is stress, and no wonder that Flint Rasmussen has suffered a heart attack at 42-years-old. So sometimes it’s better to slow down and meditate.

  • Don’t get scared.

He isn’t only a clown, but also a barrel man. It’s actually a pretty tricky and dangerous mission. He saved from injures many cowboys and actually he is a full-time cowboy who is looking into the beast’s eyes and making a show in the middle.

  • Try to bring the industry to a new level

With Flint Rasmussen rodeo has grown to be kind of WWE. No wonder he attended drama in high school. He interacts with the audience, cowboys, commentators and it seems like a lot of fun. Whoever visited his show was delighted.

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