Some of the country’s Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) on Sunday condemned political occurred on Saturday in the eastern district of Mangochi that has witnessed burning down of one of United Transformation Movement (UTM) members car.


This happened prior to Sunday’s UTM launched in the region where suspected the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and United Democratic Front (UDF) thugs are reportedly behind the attack.


But in a press statement made available to The Maravi Post, the CSOs have condemned the attack describing it uncalled for the democratic era.


The grouping have therefore demand justice to take its course to  those behind the political  violence ahead of 2019 general elections.

Below is the CSOs’  full statement condemning the political violence signed by Robert James Mkwezalamba (CHAIRPERSON Human Rights ConsultativeCommittee (HRCC), Luther Mambala (
PRESIDENT Malawi Congress of Trade Unions (MCTU),  Fryson Chodzi ( National Coordinator
Forum for National Development (FND), Peter Mumba (Executive Director,Youth Appause), Lucky Crown Mbewe (Executive Director Youth Empowerment and Civic Education (YECE), Michael Kalima (Programme’s DirectorCounselling of theAdolescent and Youth Org,)



We members of the Civil Society Organisations in Malawi are greatly shocked with the events that have taken place in Mangochi where two vehicles belonging to the United Transformation Movement (UTM) have been torched down by unknown criminals believed to be politically related.


This comes high on the heels of reports that has been making rounds throughout the whole week that the Movement has been facing resistance in Mangochi ahead of its planned launch.

We categorically condemn in strongest terms the use of violence by any political grouping or people as we head towards the 2019 elections.


This is archaic politics and must not be condoned. We are aware that the UTM has pointed fingers at both the United Democratic Front (UDF) and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) as the orchestrators of the violence.


We are also aware that both the UDF and DPP through the same social media have categorically denied their involvement in the matter of propagating violence in Mangochi. There is another school of thought that these acts of violence are being stage managed to create a sense of public sympathy on the victims, which would be unfortunate event if indeed it’s true.

We don’t want to delve much into the speculation as to who is behind this barbaric act but rather request all the political players to act with restraint when it comes to political violence.

Both the UDF and DPP must exonerate themselves from these acts and come out strongly to condemn the violence. Similarly, the media have not helped much in addressing the issue of violence as they
seem to douse more fire on the matter.


The mere speculation and insinuations of violence can instigate others to act in a way to either implicate or tarnish others. The media have to exercise caution when covering the issues related to political violence so as instead of calming the situation, their actions can also be fuel to the same.

May we further retaliate that we focus and maintain an issue based campaign and all political
players must desist from using hate speech and derogatory remarks as they have potential to cause
strife which leads to violence. Any political utterances that point to violence by our leaders is
regrettable as it might not be understood by their supporters.

May we call upon the Malawi Police Service to investigate and bring to justice the perpetrators of
this archaic act of cowardice and ensure that there is no similar occurrence of the same in the
political scene.


Malawi needs to continue enjoying the peace and tranquility that it has and we ought to jealously guard this. On the same light, may the Police also furnish the public with the findings of a similar fire related incident that occurred at Hon. Bon Kalindo’s residence so as to provide insight and sense into this violence.

We call upon all the citizens and political party supporters to understand that before all these
political parties and politicians we support, we are first Malawians and human beings created in the
image of the creator.


Therefore, different political ideologies must not make use enemies of each other but rather strengthen  as a country. Politicians comes and goes yet Malawi will remain the same, it’s how we want to live in Malawi matters, hence there is no room for politically related violence and we should not be used by politicians on the same.

We further appeal to the youth and party zealous supporters not to be abused and used by their
masters as instruments of violence. We call on you to ask yourself where the money you are
getting is coming from. Since you joined what have you benefited from such association and why
are you important now?


We appeal to the youth to ask the tough questions to your leaders in so far as your empowerment is concerned, let them build your capacity towards independence and CSO Statement on political Violence
growth, not masters of violence. Meaningful youth participation that we advocate for should not be
abused by greedy politicians. As youths, let’s say no to violence!

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