MAENGA:MalawI engagement group

MAENGA will be the abbreviation; choosing any name other than “Engagement” was not by mistake but striving for a mission possible.

For quite long many of us have been painted names as “enemies of state, villains and jealous people who do not wish the government of the day good deeds.” Threats were thrown, some of us were visited by security intelligence in Namibia and our passports almost impounded.

On the Mezzanine floor of this very building, platforms such as Malawi Freedom Network, Save Malawi Foundation, Defenders of the future of Malawi, stand firm fighting for the good cause of Malawi. On that floor citizens are debating, discussing, arguing, accusing, and blaming, but the plight of Malawi is still in jeopardy.

Despite countless opinions, some of which are supported by facts, and others based on allegations, no solution has come forth. Malawi status continues nosediving; the worst part is that instead of coming up with solutions or remedies of redeeming our motherland, what we have achieved so far to the great extent, is snaking enmity.

Followers of one party do not see eye to eye with followers of the different parties. If these platforms had physical addresses our offices could be torched and all of us burned. The achievements we have made so far from the time social media became a mainstream battleground for politics and democracy is hatred, enmity and ethnicity.

We are more divided now than we were under Dr. Kamuzu Banda. In 1994 we got more divided and now are worse divided.

No constructive advise from the North is regarded as advise to the rulers from the South, no development project made by the Government of the day is seen as a step forward by those from the areas where the rulers are not from.

Instead Malawi has become a nation under orphanage, because everyone is fighting for tribe and ethnic, region or district of origin, forgetting that Malawi is comprised of all the four regions and it’s 27 plus districts.

Observing the way our country is on the social economic and political platform, the cloud that is blanketing us is no more than a dark cloud of war, and irresponsibility.
As the youth who make up the majority of the population, at 60%, we tried to wrestle the responsibility in the hands of the elders two weeks ago, but none of them took us seriously and no one replied.
In so doing we realized, we are alone and that if we do not do something, our future will be infested with man made-diseases and self-made problems.

This is the reason we established this new platform on the upper floor of the house of freedom and justice.

This is why we came up with the name “Engagement.” In looking into the future, we have to focus on the present, in focusing into the greater future, we must revisit our steps from where we are coming from, this is the past.
Malawi’s future was misdirected on the 20th May 1994. Yes! The new vehicle was acquired, but was driven by the very old drivers, who drove the old car. Lack of instituting robust and sound institutions of governance, we promulgated laws and policies, based on targeting individuals, which is proving to be a tragedy 24 years later; and will still prove us wrong 50 years to come.

Bingu Wa Mutharika failed Malawi in a way, Joyce Banda failed Malawi, and Peter Mutharika is failing Malawi, because the founding pillars of democracy and multiparty dispensation were first failed by Bakili Muluzi.
Muluzi failed to institute a Truth and Reconciliation Commission at the start of multiparty government; he failed to differentiate presidential power under one party state and that of multiparty democracy.

Institutions that were set as a way of strengthening democracy, were targeting Malawi Congress Party and all it’s rulers.

The Constitution that was drawn up in the run up to elections, was drafted in a hurry. The Constitution was drafted looking at the interests of two parties namely MCP and UDF; in true description, it was looking at the interests of former leaders Kamuzu Banda, and new incoming leader Bakili Muluzi, nothing else.

Today we are faced with the mammoth challenges and tasks, most of which are overlooked and sidelined.
The youth of today want to restart, remake, reconstitute, reconstitute and re-do what was made wrongly.

In doing this we are asking for the listening ears of the government, in this case the President himself, the leader of opposition and all political parties more particularly the quasi religious group PAC.
The Youth of Malawi want to Engage all stakeholders and start talking so that the new better future is hatched.

This is the platform. Since this group is created by individual and common citizens everyone will take it for granted. But our appeal to all citizens as well as media houses is to take us serious and listen to us because the future is in our hands therefore there can never be something for us without us.
MAENGA will point what went wrong without fear, will provide a solution and seek it’s implementation, will engage with whoever is mandated by the citizens to do state duty.
We are challenging all critical thinkers, critical planners, critical analyzers, critical debaters and all those who think are intelligent to join us.
On this platform no one will be allowed to castigate, insult, molest, threaten, harass, scare or interfere with any discussion. We are not here to support one figurehead or one political party to ascend into power because doing that we will be failing our children’s children.
Membership into this floor is not party affiliations but citizenship and patriotism. We know as long as Malawi exist there will still be one president and a ruling party but our focus is morally what went wrong, what is going wrong. What can be done, what is the best to be done for the future.
We are giving ourselves a timeframe of 24 months to see a New Malawi driven on a prosperous path and seeing a nation divided on imaginary lines not language or tribe.


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CC: Admin Head office Malawi.CC: His Excellency President Peter Mutharika.CC: Rev. Chingota PAC.CC: Dr. Lazarus Chakwera Leader of opposition.CC: Chief Justice of the High Court CC: Speaker of Parliament CC: Embassies represented in the Republic of Malawi.CC: Media Houses of Malawi.

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