Kadadzera: We are still investigating

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-The issue of kidnapping and attempts on Indian community in Malawi with evil intentions is now being investigated in a deep rooted manner.

Sources have confided in this publication that Malawi police have netted a Lebanese woman Rola Rabah Nasr Eldinne.

The suspect Lebanese was kept for two weeks at Maula prison as Investigations were under way.

This publication understands that the woman who is divorced to a Palestinian Rabie Rabah based in Mzuzu whose father was a medical doctor was behind all threats and attempts according to her three phone lines.

Rola was also communicating with dodgy characters from Mozambique who are involved in human trafficking and kidnapping.

The police went through her contacts and discovered that she was daily talking to Moshin Rafik Mussa oh MG industries.

According to records obtained the calls would last even more than one hour.

“Malawi Police interviewed Mussa who openly said that the two had a love relationship and nothing else. He told the police that he used to meet and even go to the gym together but nothing like criminality.

“He confessed that he knew Rola Rabah as a girlfriend and never got involved in her other side. Upon this discussion with the police Moshin Rafik Mussa was set free but told that he shall be needed soon as a state witness,” discloses the source.

We can reveal that Rola Rabah Nasr Eldinne and her team of blood thirsty hooligans from Mozambique and Malawi have been targeting business persons by threatening them.

“Others went into hiding and there over twenty cases reported to the police. This prompted the police through the criminal Investigations department CID to start Investigations,” added the source.

Four months ago one of the shareholders of Shayona Cement was kidnapped. Millions upon millions of Kwachas was spent.

There is fear among Malawians of Asian community following a spate of abductions and attacks targeted at them in some of the country’s major cities.

Just a moth ago, a Malawian of Asian community, Aniz Ammad Kali was attacked at BCA Hill in Blantyre and robbed of large sums of money which he was taking home from his shop.

Malawi Police Service (MPS) spokesperson James Kadadzera said in a statement that they are following up on the matter.

Leader of the Asian Community in Malawi, Rafiq Hajat members of the Asian community get a lot of threatening messages from unknown people to abduct them and choke their businesses.

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