By Alick Junior Sichali
The case in which Forum for National Development [FND] sued speaker of parliament Richard Msowoya to stop performing his duties of the post has been adjourned to 24th September.
Tuesday the High court in Blantyre, through Mike Tembo, made the adjournment following objectives filed by the defendant side.
State lawyer Owen Chuma said the Civil Society Organisation has no legal mandate to sue the speaker on behalf of Malawians.
Chuma told the court that FND has sued the wrong office in the case (office the speaker) instead of the attorney general.
“We made two objectives in the court, one of which was that Forum for National Development has no mandate of saying it is representing Malawians whilst the member of Parliament are the ones that presents the citizenry in the August house,” Said Chuma.
Lawyer representing FND, Bob Chimkango, appealed for the adjournment of the matter to a later date saying they had no time to review the documents submitted by the Msowoya side.
This was so despite the state lawyer, indicated that they submitted all papers regarding the matter in good time and that they followed the laws.
In June, the speaker who then was MCP’s Vice President announced his resignation from the party saying he will continue serving his constituents as an independent lawmaker.
Msowoya said Malawi Congress Party leadership is no longer standing on its pillars that it has been promoting for decades, hence his resignation.
During the launch of United Transformation Movement [UTM] in Lilongwe last month, Msowoya was amongst the key speakers of the political grouping.
Among others, he said the country is lacking political leaders who are visionary as well as patriotic.
After the speaker’s announcement to joining UTM, Civil Society Organisation Forum for National Development [FND] issued a statement demanding he should step down from the post.
The CSO says Msowoya has failed to lead by example, saying his joining UTM is a clear violation of section 65, which prohibits MP’s defecting from their elected parties.
Some people have questioned the motive behind the organisation’ grounds on the matter, saying Msowoya is not the first legislator to defect from his political party.
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