Allan Ntata
Barrister of middle temple, Z Allan Ntata

Z Allan Ntata, former legal advisor to late Malawi President Bingu Wa Mutharika has been heavily censured by his followers on his facebook page after he launched an assault on MCP President Lazarus Chakwera.

Writing on the page,Ntata condemned the rallies MCP president Lazarus Chakwera is conducting  calling him a misguided politician.

Lazarus Chakwera is Misguided

“These rallies that Dr Lazarus Chakwera is having, what are they accomplishing, exactly? If there is one misguided politician, it must be this Chakwera!

“I believe it is fortunate that MCP is being forced to hold a convention. There’s a reason why in developed and mature democracies, no candidate contests in an election a second time after failing to win the leadership of the country. It presupposes that there is no monopoly on intelligence or leadership skills in anyone,” said Ntata adding that “This guy needs to be replaced by a true leader with a real vision, not this silver spoon guy who thinks he should just sit around and wait for the presidency to be handed to him on a silver platter.”

After the post, Malawians heavily pounced him on his views and interesting was a submission from one Shadreck Chikoti who weighed Ntata’s post and found it desperately wanting.

Below was the submission of Chikoti outlining why Ntata’s post was misguided itself:

  1. The question you pose begets an answer that is not related to it. Your conclusion seems to be saying that Chakwera is misguided because he is conducting rallies. If that is the case, it may mean that every politician in this country is misguided because all parties conduct rallies.
  2. From the same notion, we will also go ahead to compare and contrast the rallies that Chakwera is conducting to the talks (conferences, or something like that), that you have been holding, asking people to rally behind the idea of REFORM TO TRANSFORM? As in, what is accomplished through those talks?
  3.  And on the same, is it Chakwera holding the rallies or MCP with Chakwera as its president? I am asking this question because if its MCP holding the rallies with Chakwera as a speaker, the post may be misguided and invalid. In fact it is, for I can confirm that Chakwera has never held a rally in his own name but in the name of MCP and that the rallies are organized and funded by MCP.

4. The issue that you raise, that of MCP holding a convention does not relate to the question you posed. Are you saying MCP should hold a convention to remove Chakwera because he is conducting rallies and therefore he is misguided?
5. The supporting point, where you say, “there’s a reason why in developed and mature democracies, no candidate contests in an election a second time after failing to win the leadership of the country,” is not entirely true. Especially when you look at European democracy, examples shouldn’t be difficult to obtain.

6. You contradict yourself when you say Chakwera just sits down (waiting for the presidency to be handed to him on a silver platter) for you just said in the opening of the post that he is conducting rallies (doing something). You cannot have a rally while seated down. You need to plan, talk to people, have a budget for the rally and so on and so forth, a rally alone is a lot of work and I guess he does more than the rallies so he is not just sitting down.
7. It seems to me that there is something you want to say but you are not saying it for the argument and the conclusions do not marry.
8. You talk of a visionary leader, what kind of leader is this for your post does not clarify as to make us conclude that Chakwera is not THE ONE.
9. You say you are not interested in party politics but all you want is a visionary and a good leader and clean political atmosphere, but it makes me wonder, why you would suggest that MCP should get a better leader than Chakwera? Is it so that MCP wins the elections of 2019 and if yes, are you taking sides with MCP? It is one thing to talk of a visionary leader and another to talk of an MCP visionary leader. It becomes party politics when you start talking of party structures and making suggestions on the same while it is a matter of policy when you talk in general and national terms.

In response, Allan Ntata has promised to write an article to justify what other critics described as “morning frustrations.”

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