LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-In the past 24 hours, Malawi has registered two new COVID-19 cases, 0 new recoveries and one new death. All the new cases are locally transmitted and both are from Mzimba North Health District. One new death was registered in the past 24 hours and is from Blantyre District.

The new death was brought in dead and the vaccination status is unknown. To the families that have lost their loved ones during this pandemic, may you find peace, hope and love during this difficult time. May the souls of the departed rest in peace.

Cumulatively, Malawi has recorded 61,796 cases including 2,301 deaths (Case Fatality Rate is at 3.72%). Of these cases, 2,675 are imported infections and 59,121 are locally transmitted.

Cumulatively, 57,313 cases have now recovered (recovery rate of 92.8%) and 232 were lost to follow-up. This brings the total number of active cases to 1,950. In the past 24 hours, there were no new admissions and no new discharge in the treatment units.

Currently, a total of four active cases are currently hospitalised: three in Lilongwe, and one in Mzimba North Districts.

On testing, in the past 24 hours, 465 COVID-19 tests were conducted. Of these, 380 were through RT-PCR tests while the rest were through SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Diagnostic test.

The positive cases out of the total number tested (past 24 hours) translates to a positivity rate of 0.43% and the weekly positivity rate (seven days moving average) is at 1%.

Cumulatively, 426,102 tests have been conducted in the country so far. On COVID-19 vaccination, a total of 1,238,209 vaccine doses have been administered in the country so far.

Cumulatively 681,873 and 293,468 people have received the first dose and second dose of AstraZeneca vaccine respectively while 262,868 people have received Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Over the past 24 hours, 1,893 and 1,046 people have received first dose and second of AstraZeneca vaccine
respectively while 70 people have received Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Cumulatively, 556,336 people are fully vaccinated. It has been 19 months now since we reported the first cases of COVID-19 in our country on 2 nd April 2020.

We have so far registered 61,796 COVID-19 cases and 2,301 people have died due to COVID-19. To others these are just numbers but beyond statistics, these are real people just like you and me.

We have lost our loved ones to the pandemic, productive citizens to the nation and sadly some children are now orphans due to COVID-19 and our lives have been greatly affected by the pandemic.

In the course of the pandemic what we have observed is that our behaviour is important in the control of the pandemic as it can help to stop or further the spread of the disease.

For instance, when we collectively intensify adherence to the preventive and containment measures, the number of new cases are reduced similarly, when we relax in adherence to the measures there is resurgence of the cases.

Our behaviours in the COVID-19 fight are key as we have observed that changes in people’s activities contribute to the rise of infections — such as travel, mass gatherings, group sports and failure to mask, hand wash and adherence to physical distancing policies.

And this has been true for the past three waves of the pandemic in our country, we have observed that as more people relax in adhering to the preventive and containment measures, rapid is the spread of the disease and in those circumstances, we have an increased number of new cases, those
admitted in the treatment units and deaths.

Now that we are observing a reduced number of cases we need to collectively push hard and strictly adhere to the measures to ensure that we reduce further the spread of the disease amidst us as well as avoiding the resurgence of the disease.

At the start of the pandemic the only defence that we had was to change our behaviour; adopting wearing of masks, observing physical/social distance and steeping up our handwashing practices. In the course of the pandemic the COVID-19 vaccine was introduced as an added tool in the COVID-19 fight.

On the COVID-19 vaccine, let me remind the public that the vaccination exercise is still in progress and over 1.2 million doses have been administered in the country.

The public is further informed that we have adequate vaccines in all the vaccination sites. We have both Johnson and Johnson (Janssen) and AstraZeneca vaccines in the vaccination sites. Johnson and Johnson (Janssen) is a single dose vaccine and one is required to receive one jab to ensure full protection.

This vaccine is being given to all those that have never received any type of COVID-19 vaccine. The AstraZeneca vaccine is a two dose vaccine given twice at an interval of 12 weeks apart and let me remind those that have received the first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine and are due for the second dose to visit any Government and CHAM health facility to get their second dose.

For the AstraZeneca vaccine, receiving all the two doses will ensure full protection. Both vaccines will be given to
those that are aged 18 years and above.

For COVID-19 Vaccination certificate queries please call toll free 929 or email or send WhatsApp message to +265887371288.

No one is safe until everyone else is safe. Get Fully Vaccinated! Wear Face Mask! Protect yourself. Protect your loved ones. Protect everyone.

Hon. Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda, MP, MINISTER OF HEALTH

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