Staged prophecy gone bad! The social media is awash with a video clip showing South African based Malawian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri performing a staged fake ipad prophecy.

In the video, Bushiri challenged his members that he can, in spirit realm, capture or take photo of a kid who was not at the church but at home.

He takes an ipad from one of the members of his church and then pretends as if he is capturing the kid in his so called spirit realm when in fact he double clicked on the photo gallery using his left thumb and then displays the picture of the kid which was already there.

All you need to do is to watch this video so you can make your own conclusion. Watch the staged Prophecy on this you tube link:

In Malawi, one of Bushiri’s apologists Ralph Kasambara who is answering a case of conspiracy to murder Paul Mphwiyo came to the defense of Bushiri warning people not to be quick in declaring Bushiri as a false prophet.

“For all those that are blindly joining in the so called Ipad joke, I suggest you read Luke 6 verses 36 and 37,” Kasambara wrote in defense of the busted embattled Prophet.

Responded Horace Nyaka amidst lots of likes on his comment:

“Blindly? I believe those who claim to champion the word of God have a responsibility to be truthful. I think people should also be allowed to criticise their leaders and this should not stop on political leaders only. The same scrutiny we give political leaders should be given to religious leaders.

The onus is on Bushiri to prove that he never intended to cheat or mislead people in the name of God. If we stop people from criticising religious leaders then we are killing their religious lives because we now want to impose ideologies on them and stop them seeing wrong things. Even the Greatest believers made mistakes during their time.

But instead of threatening followers not to rebuke them they went before the Lord and humbled themselves and repented. If something improper indeed happened, Bushiri should apologise to his followers and repent to the God he claims to prophecy. This is time to ask for God’s forgiveness not threatening people with verses. Otherwise what’s the difference between him and the politicians who lie and steal from us daily.

Clarified Amos Lungu

“Play the video in slow motion and you will clearly see him not taking a picture (not clicking on capture) but clicking on “PHOTOS” icon. Pause it and you’ll also clearly see that the child’s pic in the iPad is numbered and is the last but one in the iPad’s photo galley. This is before he “captured” the wife’s pic which is already in the galley as well and is the last one. Open your eyes people

Lucky Tonny Banda also reprimanded Kasambara:

“Ralph Kasambara don’t back this dude up. He is a cheat. He is robbing the unsuspecting and the vulnerable. I understand you posted pictures with him last week and you paraded his fleet of cars a few months ago. Don’t we all begin to understand now how he acquires them. Let the truth be told.”

Commented Chifwafwa Mhango  on the same post:

“iPad prophecy???? How can one say they are failing to capture a name in spirit??? Which spirit is that??? It’s so sad some are completely brainwashed that they are even refusing to watch the video but have chosen to continue following the false prophet blindly

Attacked Andy Windy Kazota 

“Who said its a joke? Not everyone is a fool”

Shepherd Bushiri is yet to clear himself of this staged ipad prophecy gone bad!

We must surely be living in the last days!