By Franklin Jumbe

Malawi Ambassador to Brazil Brian Bowler has been named as the country’s best Ambassador alongside Bright Msaka who has been naamed as best Malawi Minister in the 20 member Peter Mutharika cabinet.

A research conducted by online publication Malawian Watchdog is what has unearthed Mr Bowler and Mr Msaka as Malawi’s star performers as Ambassador and Minister respectively.

According to the public, they say they used a systematic study where they administered questionnaire to a sample selected purposively. The sample comprised of staff members in the embassies, journalists and credible opinion makers in the country.

It was thus their findings that Bowler was in the league of himself in as far as the art of diplomacy is concerned.

The paper pointed out that Bowler is the only Malawian Ambassador to have served four heads of state in Malawi. Bowler served President Dr Bakili Muluzi, late President Dr Bingu Wa Mutharika and had also a short stint serving President Dr Joyce Banda and now, Bowler is serving as Ambassador under President Professor Peter Mutharika administration.

The publication asserted that this alone was a sign that Bowler is the special one as it is rare to be retained by all heads of state.

The publication said that Bowler, a ‘British trained and Israel perfected’ diplomat is a talented diplomat whom presidents have been tasking him with setting up foreign missions.

They cited that Bowler was dispatched to set up the mission in India and was the first ever Malawi high commissioner there.

The paper dug and found that while in India, Bowler Bowler was accredited for bilaterally increasing trade and investment opportunities such that the cordial relations between Malawi and India today are as result of the pace he set. Bowler, the paper also established that, he was the brains behind establishing e-learning modules between Amity University and University of Malawi, a development which is helping Malawians to date. And at the peak of his career in India, the research found out that he received the ‘Best Ambassador Award’ by the International Council of Jurists and the All India Bar Association and also that he was recognized by Amity University for fostering international diplomatic relationships for excellent bilateral practice and adherence to ethical standards.

“It was a fantastic moment for the mission” the paper quoted one of the former diplomat who served with Bowler at the mission.

The research, also found that the top diplomat Bowler was also served as Malawi Ambassador to Belgium, the Kingdom of the Netherlands; the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg; the Swiss Federation; Republic of France; the European Commission; and the European Union. He was also accredited to the African, Caribbean Pacific (ACP) Organization, UNESCO, the Word Trade Organization, the World Food Programme, and International Court of Justice, The Hague.

“Bowler increased Malawi’s visibility and promoted Malawi’s trade interests,” the research found.

To show that he had mastered the art of diplomacy, late President Bingu Wa Mutharika, sent him to become the country’s ambassador to the United Nations. The paper found that Malawi shined during the time as he took many high level leadership roles.

The research cited that the Ambassador successfully navigated sensitive issues as the Chair of the 44th Commission on Population and Development which resulted in a Resolution that was endorsed by the UN General Assembly.

“He was also appointed by the Appointed by the President of the 66th UN General Assembly to Co-chair and facilitate the graduation process for least developed countries (LDC). Bowler was also elected as Vice President of the 66th Session of the UN General Assembly. Bowler also chaired the African Group of Ambassadors and provided leadership to harmonize and strategize the African position in the UN. Bowler also represented Malawi as African Union Chairman. The leadership roles he played while at the UN are too numerous to mention and respondents who worked with him at the UN said he made them proud,” reported the paper.

The paper also found out that Bowler was the first Malawian diplomat to receive the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Spirit Award.

Meanwhile, Bowler is serving as Malawi’s Ambassador in Brazil and is also accredited to the Latin Countries where he is pursuing the promotion of Malawi agenda.

Interesting, the findings show that Bowler is a man of integrity. He once called corrupt charges troubled for Agriculture Minister to be the biggest traitor of President Peter Mutharika when the president lamented that there were some “judases” who were sharing cabinet positions as they thought he had died when he was receiving treatment in USA.

Mia, the research found, that he was bold enough to report corruption which involved UN peace keeping mission funds which were misappropriated by former Foreign Affairs Minister George Chaponda but no further action was taken as the issue died a natural death.

It appears he is favoured by presidents as he is an experienced person in running elections.

“When Bingu Wa Mutharika won with the landslide victory in 2009, it was shocking to hear President Bingu Wa Mutharika publicly recognizing Bowler as the reason behind the comprehensive victory at that time,” said one of the seasoned journalists when we asked to collaborate the claims as made by Malawian Watchdog.

“It appears the guy is special. He is good at what he does,” concluded the experienced newsman.

Against the totality of the information, the research was left with no option but to declare Ambassador Bowler as the crème de crème Ambassador of Malawi.

An analysis of the findings was also done on why Bright Msaka is the best Malawi Minister in the Peter Mutharika administration. The Minister is being linked to a potential slot as President Peter Mutharika’s running in 2019. Msaka, the research observed, is a person who knows government system as he has for a long time served as chief secretary to government. Msaka also served as a high commissioner to UK during President Bakili Muluzi’s regime.

Franklin Jumbe is one of the Maravi Post contributors based at the Malawi Embassy in Brazil.

The view expressed in this article are not necessarily those of the Publisher or the Editor of the Maravi Post.

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