MCP VP Sidik Mia shakes Blantyre

By Innocencia Chikuse

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Deputy President Muhammad Sidik Mia continues to politically strike right chords, the latest being a speech he made before a sea of people at Likuni Boys Ground in the capital Lilongwe on Sunday. Tonse Alliance had a mega rally.

The MCP second in command directed was meant for State Vice President Saulos Chilima, Voters and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).  

To Chilima, Mia showered him praise thanking him for his “courage and humility.”

“I want to thank you, Right Honorable Dr Chilima for your courage and humility. You showed courage by standing up against the corruption of the DPP and leaving that sinking ship. You showed humility by setting aside your own presidential bid to join forces with Dr. Chakwera as his running mate. You did both of these things for the sake of Malawians. That’s why in this election, Malawians will vote overwhelmingly for your partnership with Dr. Chakwera, because it is (a) the only ticket that unites all Malawians from the south, center, and north (b) the only ticket that guarantees change because both you and Dr. Chakwera know how to get things done like the way you have forged this alliance and the way you have won the court case at the Constitutional Court and Supreme Court (c) the only ticket that is not a dynasty of thieving families that have plundered the country. You have my full support, and I will do my part to help secure this victory, because it is for all Malawians,” Said Mia

On this, Mia described the partnership between Chakwera and Chilima as not only good for Malawi but also that “it is an answer to prayer.”

In addressing Voters, Mia said all registered voters should go to cast their votes on the polling day.

“If you registered last year but did not vote, then I am terribly upset with you. Registering and not voting is selfish, and that needs to stop. God has given us a second chance. Let us use it to change this country,” said Mia.

Lastly, Mia had no kind words for the DPP/UDF alliance and told them to stop playing a religious card that Chakwera intends to wipe out Islam in the country.  He said he is a Muslim himself, in fact a Sheik, saying he will be part of the government to take care of Muslim affairs.

Mia also told DPP/UDF alliance to stop trying to poach him to their losing alliance.

“Stop trying to get me to abandon Dr. Chakwera. It will never happen. Stop trying to poach me. It will never happen. There is nothing you can offer me to leave MCP or Dr. Chakwera. There is no amount of money you can offer me to leave MCP or Dr. Chakwera. There is no position you can offer me to leave MCP and Dr. Chakwera,” said Mia.

Speaking sarcastically, Mia said the only way he can leave MCP is when Mutharika drops out of the election race.

He said:

“However, if you really want me to leave MCP, then I will do it on one condition. I will leave MCP if Mutharika drops out of this election as a candidate. I call on him to drop out of the race now, because it will save him from an embarrassing defeat on voting day. I call on him to do it now because it will be better than coming out of State House in disgrace. Just write to MEC and tell them that you no longer want to contest.

  • Tell MEC that you have done your part and want to focus on retirement.
  • Tell MEC that you are tired because Malawians are also tired of you.

If you do that, I will leave MCP. But if you do not, then I vouch as MCP Vice President that I will do everything I can to see that you are removed from office on voting day.” Said Mia concluding that “Malawi needs Chakwera and Chilima, not Mutharika and Muluzi” further saying that “Malawi is ready for change.”

During his speech, Saulos Chilima hailed Mia and Usi for showing humility, He called them on the podium, embraced them and saluted them for their love for Malawi.

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