Kasaira; itching to shed blood in Lower Shire

CHIKWAWA–The battle as to who is in control of the Lower Shire between the nationally recognised giant of the region Sidik Mia and Nsanje based member of Parliament for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Francis Kansaira seems to be in favour of Mia with Kasaira knocked down before the battle begins.

Upon news becoming clear that Mia will be  heading to the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Kansaira has been leading a volley of attacks agianst Mia accusing him of ‘buying MCP’.

As if that was not enough, when MCP announced that they will have a ‘mother of all rallies’ in Mia Ngabu backyard in Chikwawa; Kansaira went as far as convincing President Mutharika to allow him to orgaanise series of meetings in areas sorrounding the venue where Mia and Chakwera will be conducting their historic rally.

Kansaira told President Mutharika that he would conduct a massive rally that wouldn’t match with that of Mia at Misewu 4, a stone’s throw away from the Golf Club in Chikwawa where Mia will be issuing his political statement this afternoon.

Sensing that Kansaira was trying to drag the DPP into his personal fight with Mia; a group of senior DPP gurus who think Kansaira is misleading Mutharika quietly organised and made their case that the President should order the cancellation of the meetings to avoid a repeat of the senseless killings which took place at Bingu National Stadium.

As regards the Bingu Stadium tragedy, the DPP gurus admitted that the public is now aware that 8 people died, most of them children because of the senseless decision which a DPP official made.

We have learnt that during the independence celebrations, DPP party women and cadets were with President Mutharika attending the Prayers at Bingu International convention centre.

So one ignorant DPP official (name withheld) issued an order to have the Bingu Stadium gates opened at 10:00 am instead of 6:00am. The reason was to give chance to the DPP women and Cadet to first enter the stadium before everyone so they could have good vantage positions. Since the cadets were at BICC, then this order was made in order to accommodate them.

The result was a well mixed recipe for disaster which ended up exploding, killing the innocent children.

So these DPP gurus, in attempt to save the image of the party and at the same time, neutralising the influence of Kansaira, convinced Mutharika to order cancellation of the rallies, much to his disappointment.

They were strategising on their Anti-Mia whatsapp group, a conversation which Maravi Post has gotten hold of as seen in the below captured screen shots.

Nevertheless, Kansaira, just like a rabid dog, seems to ignore Mutharika order as he has organised a group of DPP youths who are a long the road at Payiva area as we go to Ngabu.

If Kansaira fails to stop his blood thirsty DPP cadets and should they happen to cause any chaos; then you, Malawians will know who to hold responsible for any eventuality which may occur.

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