Missing son found alive

A family in China is on cloud nine after reuniting with their son who was abducted 24 years ago when he was just two years old.

According to BBC, the son’s father, Guo Gangtang, traveled over 500,000km (310,000 mi) on a motorbike across the country in search of his son.

The son had been snatched aged two by human traffickers in front of their home in the province of Shandong in 1997.

The police were able to trace the son’s identity using DNA testing and two suspects were later tracked down and arrested, the Global Times quoted China’s Ministry of Public Security as saying.

The suspects, who were dating at the time, had planned to kidnap a child with the intention of selling him for money, said a report by China News.

After spotting Mr Guo’s son playing alone outside his home, the female suspect identified only by her surname Tang grabbed him and took him to the bus station, where her partner, named as Hu, was waiting.

The couple then took an intercity coach to neighbouring Henan province and sold the child there.

Local media reports say Mr Guo’s son was found still living in the province.

The son’s disappearance actually inspired a movie in 2015, which starred Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau.

Child abductions are a big problem in China, with thousands taken every year.

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