Noel Mkwaila

By Donata Mpochela

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-‘In the Word’ a poetry show on Angaliba FM and TV, a program that focuses on spoken word poems aimed at helping the mindset  change agenda has called for a minor challenge as people do not understand it.

In major cases, spoken word poetry is written for performance, but does not necessarily include the experimental elements of performance poetry.

In an interview with the Host, Noel Mkwaila said the program is an educative show to change people’s mindset.

“Talking of our education that has lots of weaknesses that need to be rectified urgently. The main problem that I see in Malawi is that we don’t really realize that British people cheat us in a good number of ways and mainly is school.

“So the program was produced to help artists show cases their talents especially on poetry in order to work as an urgent of change among people but, the major challenge is, people don’t really understand what mindset change is all about,” Mkwaila said.

But, Angaliba Foundation says they have vital ways that they have put in place to make people understand.

“As the program itself says ‘In the Word’ show proclaims the message of mindset change which is one tool to interpret it to people because people most of us don’t really know why we have to change the mindset.

“This goes with culture. The British system of education teaches us things that erode our culture, hence, we even loose sense of humanity,” he said.

As the program has now lasted for a month, there is not much achievement but, some community responses are positive and there are a good number of plans set to be skillful.

“We have to create live shows to shower this message of mindset change and promote upcoming poets from lower sides to levels of Dr. Q. Malewezi and Mutabaruka.

“I believe people learn from the program for examples things that dwell on education, development, social responsibility, mindset change and others because radio is a catalyst for development,” he said.

One of the lyricists, Rabie Kondowe said spoken word poetry programs are very important because they give people a chance to appreciate spoken word poetry.

“People have a chance in appreciating poetry through radio programs since it is a form of art which is really coming up now. For instance the way the spoken word poetry climate was in decades ago isn’t like the way it is now because back then there weren’t much radio programs on poetry, if at all any.

“Such programs are also helping out poets in the country to be given a platform were they can share their piece of art to larger audience,” He said.

He added that: “I should point out that such radio programs have gone a long way in making people who don’t like poetry to fall in love with the art.”

He further disclosed the challenge in poetry industry.

“I think the biggest challenge is supporting the artists. In this regard I mean there should be more willingness in buying the art. It could be through patronizing poetry live events or purchasing recorded material.

“These days a lot of people are now releasing albums or Extended Plays (EPs),” Kondowe said.

He added: “Often times some event organizers tell poets to perform at a particular event to get exposure in return. This is one of the biggest problems that most poets are facing. It is unfortunate.”

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