Mkaka, Chilima, Chakwera and Kaliati (from left) assuring Malawians on Tonse agenda in 2020

As a recap, in the previous episode, we concluded that the office of the vice president is not immune to neither being held accountable nor to being prosecuted of any crime.

Despite occupying a delegated position, Vice President Chilima is personally accountable for nepotism, non-delivery of campaign promises, his alleged involvement in corrupt deals, and ultimately the ailing economy as he was once the Minister of Economic Planning and Development.

This is a wake up call to Dr. Saulos Chilima to act now so as to clear his name because the perceived immunity is not there.

In today’s episode, MCP Super Hi 5 and UTM slogans will be used as a framework to expose Tonse Alliance’s maladministration.

1.MCP Super Hi 5 : Fighting corruption

Contrary to the campaign promises, President Chakwera is personally tolerating corruption possibly because he is the beneficiary of the same.

The Judiciary is so corrupt that it is shielding corruption suspects from being investigated and prosecuted by the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB).

It is only during Chakwera’s regime when the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) can withhold consent from prosecuting a corruption suspect. And President Chakwera is smiling broadly ear to ear for the DPP’s job.

It is only during Chakwera’s regime when ACB is too toothless to interrogate Tonse Alliance gurus such as Hon. Eisenhower Mkaka and Dr. Saulos Chilima.

It is only during Chakwera’s regime when corruption cases take ages to be logically concluded. To president Chakwera’s Government, an arrest of a corruption suspect, especially a former cabinet minister, is enough.

For sure, Malawians were duped that this Government would fight corruption. In fact, Tonse Alliance ascended to power with an agenda of defrauding government coffers. They will do everything possible to achieve this mission.

  1. MCP Super Hi 5: Prospering together

This was a total lie cooked by Tonse Alliance that we would be prospering together. Currently, Tonse Alliance sycophants are amassing unexplained wealth within a short time while many local Malawians are living in abject poverty.

Nepotism, corruption, and tribalism are on the rise during the Chakwera’s regime. These evils are a catalyst to unfair treatment and unequal opportunities among the citizenry.

It is sad that the rich are getting richer while the poor are becoming poorer. The gap between the rich and poor is exponentially widening. What a flop for the Tonse Alliance Government!!!

  1. MCP Super Hi 5: Uniting Malawians

Are Malawians more united under the tutelage of Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera? Nay!!!

Chakwera government has dismally failed to unite Malawians. Chakwera’s and Chilima’s nepotistic tendencies have left Malawians more divided and disgruntled.

In fact, President Chakwera introduced the Ministry of National Unity and Civic Education simply to appease Timothy Mtambo who masterminded the overthrow of Peter Mutharika’s regime.

This ministry has completed done nothing apart from colluding with single party MCP victims in the northern region so as to seek huge compensations from the government.

  1. MCP Super Hi 5: Rule of law

The Chakwera’s regime does not respect rule of law at all.

Barely weeks after ascending to power, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera unprocedurally appointed the Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) outside of institution’s hierarchy.

It is only during Chakwera’s regime when the office of the ombudsman has been rendered useless.

Mr. Henry Kachaje is still the CEO of the Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) against the recommendation of the office of the ombudsman.

Ms Helen Buluma, the acting CEO of National Oil company of Malawi, is still discharging her duties despite the office of ombudsman having faulted her recruitment process.

It is unfathomable that the whole Attorney General, the principal legal advisor, would call a press briefing proposing a three month amnesty to corruption suspects to surrender their stolen money and property. Obviously, this proposal had no legal backing.

  1. MCP Super Hi 5: Servant leadership

We can also say, without any fear of contradiction, that Dr. Lazarus Chakwera is a servant leader to his relatives, acquaintances and MCP sycophants based on his appeasement policy and nepotism.

On the national level, Chakwera has dismally failed as a servant leader. He has no welfare of people at heart. One day, he lambasted people for clogging his inbox with unnecessary messages. He even said that he can’t solve family problems. What kind of servant leadership is this?

Amid economic meltdown, Chakwera’s regime is globe trotting carrying a bloated number of delegates who withdraw double traveling and subsistence allowances. This is a time when local Malawians are grappling with forex and fuel scarcity prompting people to sleep at filling stations. What kind of servant leadership is this?

At the time when the youth are jobless, Chakwera is audacious enough to appoint his friends and acquaintances from retirement. What kind of servant leadership is this?

Chakwera’s regime increased perks for the president, vice president, members of parliament and some government officials while failing to honor the campaign promise of granting monthly stipend to the elderly. Some elderly people voted for Chakwera specifically for this reason and have died without even getting a single tambala. What kind of leadership is this?

  1. UTM slogans: Tsogolo lathu lowala, labwino, lafika

It is an insult to my fellow Malawians to think that what we are experiencing now is what they called Tsogolo lowala, labwino!?! No one can call this good life amid escalating high inflation rate, fuel and forex scarcity, nepotism, high incidences of corruption, and no essential drugs in the hospitals. Where is Malawi heading to under the dismal leadership of Chakwera and his vice Chilima? For sure, Malawians were duped in broad daylight.

It is very unfortunate that Chakwera and Chilima advertently captured people’s emotions by appealing to them what they could not deliver.

MCP Super Hi 5 and UTM slogans were used to dupe Malawians. Two years down the line, Tonse Alliance administration is a total flop as it is undoing its own much touted slogans. What a shame!!!

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