Who can challenge me?. I am Lazarus Chakwera the savior of Malawians anointed by God!

Opinion by James Kondwani

Today, I would like to remind Malawians that the suffering they see now they will see forever as long as Chakwera continues to occupy state house, this is nothing but the truth. The current administration is built on a trickster, and it is an exercise of futility to expect that things will one day improve, and Malawians will enjoy the fruits of democracy. 

For anyone doubting, we are communicating that Malawi is not in this situation by default but there is standardized series of events that are in control of whatever we can see now.  Before we go further, allow me to remind you that the European Union (EU) observers, the SADC and other international electoral observers described the Malawi elections, where Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika (APM) won as “well managed, inclusive, transparent and competitive”. Similarly, the SADC observers were satisfied with the conduct of the elections.

To make matters worse, the 38 witnesses that Chakwera wanted to bring to court did not show up and a few who showed up relied on the opinion and evidence of Chilima who vehemently confirmed that election was neither tampered with nor rigged.

Deductively, it is obvious that the EU cannot support any course of action that will make Chakwera’s presidency a success for the simple fact that the Chakwera’s administration undermined their role in the elections that declared APM the winner. In the same spirit, the SADC community cannot love to see Chakwera succeeding because they know that the precedence that was set in Malawi by the judicial coup d’état can haunt them as well if its story in Malawi is a success.


Malawi’s Mutharika narrowly wins presidential race with 38.57% of the vote

In case one thinks we are deflating, remember the international community, including the EU, SADC and many others congratulated APM for the re-election but none of reputable international organizations or individuals did the same to Chakwera.

Kenyan leader congratulates Malawi’s Mutharika for his re-election

The international community was injured when the judiciary abused their power and declared APM’s re-election null and void even when the same judiciary confirmed that APM did not do any wrong nor colluded with the Malawi electoral Commission (MEC) to influence a particular outcome. 

The judiciary decided to declare the whole presidential election null and void on the basis that the 38.6% that APM got was not enough to give him the required 50+1 to secure presidency yet at the time of elections there was already a supreme court ruling that described the majority as simple majority.

In the eyes of the international community, the lower court dismissed the decision of the higher court, legitimized it then backdated it so that it could be applied  retrospectively simply to deal with APM who is respected worldwide for his stand for peace and democracy.

If you were born around 80s, obviously you were an adult when Bingu wa Mutharika expelled the UK ambassador, Cochrane Dytet, events that followed and its similarity to what is happening to the Malawian economy now.

Let our sufferings have government’s blessings by building a  special crying room because Chakwera’s presidency was rejected, and our pain has its roots.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are those of the author not necessarily of The Maravi Post or Editor

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