Prime Minister Designate Thomas Thabane

Dear Right Honorable Prime Minister Designate Thomas Thabane,

Congratulations for your come-back in the Government. It is rare and peculiar in our continental culture of politics when one can come from opposition and snatch a chance into the government.

You were once a prime minister who by divine intervention, was saved from the jaws of death in 2015.

Now you are coming back on the very position that could have made you lose life. God’s ways are not our ways. You will draw an objective lesson on this and perhaps, you will regard this election as your second term of office.

My appeal to you is, when you are elected on that position, you cease to be Thomas Thabane, you are now Father Lesotho, which means that your foes, rivals, enemies, and supporters, all together, become your employers; you, their servant.

There must never be witch-hunt, vengeance or revenge.

Your duty will now be the remaking of the Kingdom of Lesotho, as if it never existed before. You must lay new foundations that will bar the ills that nearly teared the mountainous Kingdom apart.

Whatever ideology or philosophy you may want to adopt, it can be Bolsheviks or Melsheviks, you can choose Rooseveltism or Franklinsim. You may think of reform or transformation; remember not to forget that the Kingdom of Lesotho is the United Kingdom of Basotho people.

Make sure politics must not divide the one people of the Kingdom. Some quarters have been suggesting and proposing the awkward notion of disbanding the Lesotho Defence Force in favour of a strong and solid police force; do not make a mistake of dissolving or disbanding the military arm of the Kingdom. Your ultimate duty is to transform the military into a professional army that leaves the barracks only when territorial integrity is at risk or attacked.

Soldiers must be confined in their garrison, barracks and battalions, not in the streets of Maseru, Leribe, ButhaButhe, Maputsoe, Thabatseka or Mohales Hoek to duplicate the duty of national police.

Soldiers must be trained to refrain from being doublers of politics, and national security.

In other words, this is the moment when the SADC recommendations, under the Phumaphi Commission, must be implemented. You must see to it that the recommendations are not just being implemented on paper, but are practically being implemented on the ground.

The setting up of the Truth and Reconciliation Bureau, will be a benchmark for rebuilding the trust that has been lost among citizens, and neighbouring states in the region. All atrocities committed by whoever, including the assassination of Brigadier Maparankoe Mahau, and the detention-without-trial of all suspected mutineers, must come into the open, to pave for genuine reconciliation. In this way, your Government will not waste time sitting with ad hoc secret meetings for revenge and vengeance.

The time has come for every Mosotho to be secure in the Kingdom of their Fatherland. No Mosotho must be insecure to think of fleeing their Kingdom out of fear and threats. You have come into the Government at a time as this, to restore order, build sanity, instal discipline, and instil confidence in every sector.

Those found to be perpetrators of the atrocities, must be given a fair trial, and be given room to be heard. Any sentence, must be fair and justice-based.

In doing this, you will be laying a beacon of the new foundation for the better of the Kingdom.

Never again should soldiers be involved in politics. The Lesotho Defence Force and Lesotho Mounted Police must be reformed, and transformed to know and realize they are there to serve the Government of the day, in disregard to their political affiliations.

Prime Minister Designate, we may be resistant of reform of the military and other sectors of Government, but without forensic investigations as to why the Kingdom is in this mess, will be doing your Government a great injustice. For you to call for an orderly return of the soldiers into their respective barracks, for you to call for an effective police service, you must diagnose the root cause of the problem.

Not only in Lesotho, Africa is embroiled into deadly corruption that is why many people have lost lives, Governments separate with their constituents, soldiers on the streets, police involved in corruption, and soldiers willing to use short-cuts into the State House.

All these can only be stabilized if you stop corruption in the society of the Basotho people.

Last words 

Prime Minister Designate, develop a sober, workaholic nature among civil servants, and make sure every Loti is accounted for. Be transparent and strengthen civil society institutions.

Do not individuate the running of the Government strictly in your hands. Be corrective and act collectively. A general consensus is what has build the USA into a superpower, made North Korea a thorn to the global “World Order”. It is this very collective decision-making that has made poor China then to be the blossoming 21st century largest economy on earth.

The Kingdom of Lesotho has vast natural resources, apart from exporting water. With collective innovative ideas, you can become the Brunei of Africa.

This demands strong and robust institutions, with a Government that has a visionary Prime Minister to overturn an economy right side up.

As you form a new Government, the only and remaining Pan-African institution the Forum for the Future of Africa (FFFA) decided to write this Open Letter to you, so that the dignity and integrity of the Kingdom of Lesotho is restored, and rebuilt.

Congratulations once again!

Saunders Jumah the Utopian ?Forum for the Future of Africa (FFFA)

The past we inherited the future is ours to make.


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