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OPINION FROM BANTU SAUNDERS JUMAH:  Vice President Saulos Chilima should be arrested immediately

Chilima opens up

Trying to use the Biblical principle of the most powerful Samson of uprooting and destroying all beacons and foundations of the Temple in an attempt to kill anyone and everyone inside the Temple is the philosophy Vice President is using to destroy all Tonse government alliance partners.

For two solid years Vice President and his boss did their best to hide the contents of the agreement made in 2020 prior elections.

Tonse Pact agreement must be made public

Tonse government has completely failed to implement all the promises they made to the people of Malawi.

Citizens as well as civil society have cried aloud questioning and enquiring why the country is in a mess of corruption and underdevelopment after gospel assurance that the government led by Lazarus Chakwera and Saulos Chilima will deliver the hope that everyone expected in Malawi?

Vice President kept quiet and cringed with President Lazarus Chakwera for 24 months asking for patience and still holding onto the hope that things will be all right.

For two years Vice President Saulos never showed up or appeared to demand most of the amendments and implementations of any of the promised and agreed policy changes.

When the British government crime busting body (NCA exposes the illicit deals that both previous and current governments have been doing with Zunith Sattar a supreme supplier of government contracts with a dozen companies owned by one man where Vice President is implicated and he appears to start talking tells that Vice President Saulos Chilima is not an honest, innocent or man enough to hold the most second high position in the government.

Vice President Chilima being a Christian is playing Biblical Samson principle of “power” using his “street popularity” to silence everyone including the righteous ones in the temple to pay for his sins and evil dealings.

The press statement has been wrongly timed and came at a wrong time when it is not intended for.

The case at hand is ‘criminal record’ where he participates in corruption with Zunith Sattar. It has nothing to do with Alliance agreement of any sort.

Vice President Saulos Chilima is taking Malawi as a golf course where he can walk his errands or excursions and go home safe as pleases.

If there was any innocence and honesty in Vice President Saulos Chilima this Press statement was supposed to be a platform to tell the country whether he is really involved as per the two reports that implicates him from local ACB and foreign NCA or not and push for justice in a quick manner.

The action of Vice President Saulos Chilima clearly show that “the war against corruption in Malawi” has and is a failed process.

Vice President Saulos Chilima is using threats to silence the incumbent president Lazarus Chakwera and ACB to be scared so that his dirty dealings must not be exposed to avoid jail.

Malawi today wants to know from the honest and not stupid Chilima of UTM whether it is true he benefitted from Zunith Sattar corrupt money or not, this is the case on the podium now not what was agreed about the elections of 2025.

Whether Chakwera/Chilima secret agreement is being followed or broken is not the case on the table now.

Citizens of Malawi taking in mind our ignorance and political stooge-mentality we will listen to the Vice President statement and defend or protect him.

If Malawi really want and is dedicated to deal with corruption Vice President Saulos Chilima must crystally clear be told that he is guilty of the said charge because he has begun to defend himself wrongly even before courts in Malawi or UK start pursuing him.

My ‘opinion’ therefore warns the country and all citizens to know that “THIEVES that have destroyed Malawi in “hard core corruption” are not from without but from within, one of them is Vice President of the Republic of Malawi Mr. Saulos Chilima.

It is up to citizens to defend the thief and corrupt Chilima but the arrest of Chilima could be an olive branch as the Vice President is playing Samson principle of the Bible, he is our best suspect because bearing in mind his character and attitude he will reveal the entire syndicate and Mafiosos of corruption in Malawi.

Why is Vice President insisting the constitution (section 91) be amended now after 2 years of Alliance agreement?

What is it that he is insinuating and implying?

Vice President Saulos Chilima is holding too much information leading to the blanket ‘expose’ of “Cartel of corruption in Malawi”.

Fellow citizens a country that shields corrupt and dirty politicians will never ever see development and transformation.

In this case I urge the country and all stakeholders to choose the country than choosing tainted individuals.

At times it is important to trust eloquent and affable politicians but not this time.

Trillions of Kwachas have been stolen by eloquent politicians depriving and impoverishing our nation.

Mind you this is our taxes, international, local loans and grants that have chained this country to imprisonment (if not careful) for one hundred years in economic jail.

There is got to and need for “citizens of humor and balls” to rescue this country.

How many have died for lack of drugs in the hospitals? How many are at home for lack of school fees and other essentials? If these Trillions were not stolen, could we be living in this hell today?

Could we be labelled the Paramount Chief of the poorest nations if these Trillions were saved?

To let politicians, government and leaders be watchguards of our resources is as good as asking a Hyena to guard the kraal of our Goats.

Aren’t we tired and exhausted of being played by those we call our fore, pallbearers in Malawi?

One thief caught is the genesis towards the exodus of completely eliminating the vice of corruption in this country, let us not relevant or give up, the battle has just begun and soon the whistle will be blown signaling victory.

It is just a question of changing mindset to treat politicians as crooks, thieves and stop trusting them, shall this country win the war against corruption and thieving.

Vice President Saulos Chilima is high time he was arrested and start errands to court- houses to answer charges on behalf of all those that have stolen from the poor.

ACB, Muvi Wa Chilungamo, HRDC, YAS, CACC, British NCA, UN, British Government and SADC must and will make sure the journey to completely stop corruption in Malawi is non-stoppable and winnable.

I rest my case in my personal opinion.


Founder of Forum for the Future of Africa (FFFA)
Founder of Centre for the Future (CFF)
Founder of Muvi Wa Chilungamo pressure group
Commander in chief of the Spear of the nation MUVI WACHILUNGAMO MINDSET CHANGE.

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