By Kondwani Munthali

Smuggling business: I had an Uncle in Chipata, his main occupation was smuggling between Malawi and Zambia. He was a very crooked Uncle who could trick you to ‘even say thank you’ after you caught him cheating you.

One day, when I was a Journalist, I explored the probability of writing an investigative piece on border smuggling. I travelled to Chipata told him I was trying to join his business. He was excited. He had found a heir to his business. None of his sons had shown interest in his money making investment. I was to be shown the ropes of business.

First day we visited several bars, shops and places near Kapata market. These were all introduced to me as his future apprentice. When we returned home, I was shocked to learn they were off duty customs, immigration, police and military officials who operate at the Border.

Day 2, I was shown the corridors from Chipata, met several operators, directors etc. All from Zambian side.

Day 3 we started Malawi side. The first National Roads Authority official and the MRA guys all knew me as a no nonsense Journalist. They told my Uncle I was definitely up to mischief, they run away. My Uncle said Malawians were always scared. So I should operate from Zambian side.

The week I was supposed to bring cash to join thus new ‘family business” he was shot by fellow smugglers as he had accumulated debt. Up to now, I am scared to drink in Chipatas markets, in case some of the creditors think he transferred money to me.

I was reminded of how organised local smuggling is at Mwami/Mchinji Border, MRA and others only catch those who dont pay route fees not taxes. I will write soon how Trucks are cleared into Chipata yet they offload in Lilongwe.

To me Pastor Martin Thom and my brother Nations Msowoya are little, tiny fish in the Parliamentary smuggling business.

1. Who started the process?

2. Who approached the Bank

3. Who identified Pastor Thom

4. How did Pastor Thom get involved in Ministry of Housing Matter.

5. How did the bill reach parliament?

6. How did parliament put the bill not discussed and approved in business Committee on the official agenda?

7. Who forged AG signature and inserted the bill on order paper.

8. Did the President know?

9. Did the Speaker Know?

10. What was the role of Leader of the House?

K93 billion is a lot of money with our poverty. This bill can reveal the new type of syndicate of smugglers.

I am keen to get answers, so too ya NOCMA. Thank you Suzgo Chitete we can only develop Malawi if we borrow to invest on right environment not pockets.##malawifirst#tatopandiumphawi.

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