Malawi President Peter Mutharika
President Peter Mutharika (R) to name Karonga Chitipa road for his fallen brother, Bingu

Malawi President Peter Mutharika is proving once again that he means what he says, when he promises openness and freedom of press in Malawi. As has been done in the Past with other Presidents, Allan Ntata would have been arrested on bogus charges.

Joyce Banda arrested Justice Mponda a Malawi voice reporter for writing unfavorable stories on the President and how her Family benefited from cashgate. Justice Mponda was eventually exonerated by a Malawi Court and compensated for false arrest.

Even Bingu WA Mutharika was not immune to this abuse. He arrested the likes of Mabvuto Banda and Raphael Tenthani who wrote embarrassing stories about the President.

So it is good to see a President who refuses the temptation to abuse his power, but is willing to go in the open and use the Malawi Courts to defend himself like a normal citizen would.

It is expected for many to question whether the Malawi courts will be fair to Allan Ntata and Nyasatimes since they are another branch of government. This is a fair observation and it is up to the Malawi Judiciary to take their responsibilities seriously and prove the doubters wrong. All The proceedings if the case goes that far should be open to scrutiny.

Allan Ntata for the last three months has mercilessly attacked President Peter Mutharika, Calling him a puppet to Ben Phiri without any proof other than his imagination which has proven to stretch too far at times. To Peter Mutharika’s detractors Allan Ntata has been god sent doing their bidding and thus allowing them to have clean hands.

It is true that Peter Mutharika Management style is that of relying on his subordinates. He delegates and even the one conversation I had with him he ended up directing me to Ben Phiri. However this is no proof that he is not his own man. It just validates that he is confident of himself and trust the people he surrounds himself with to do their jobs.

The K92 billion amount that Peter Mutharika is being accused of first came to light when Joyce Banda was trying to deflect from her own cashgate woes. There has never been any proof produced by anyone tying that money to Peter Mutharika.

Even the staunchest critics of the Malawi President cannot produce any iota of evidence tying the K92 billion and now K577 Billion to Peter Mutharika. People can speculate but it does not make it true.

Malawi Media have fallen for the trap and regurgitate every word his critics say without verification on their own.

Listening to Barack Obama speak in Kenya on the perils of democracy and the media being “pain in the ass” of politicians, one has to sympathise with what President peter Mutharika has gone through since winning the Presidency.

He has tried to laugh it off at times, but you do not have to be his supporter to know that Malawi Media has been unrelenting in its attacks. Joyce Banda was given 100 days of FREE critism from both the Media and his Political foes. Peter Mutharika took 6 months to mourn his brother Bingu before holding his first political rally.

The Donors immediately released all aid to Joyce Banda. The cash infusions allowed her to stabilize the fuel woes and our currency. Even Jacob Zuma of South Africa pumped fuel into Malawi.

None of these good will from Donors and friends within Africa occurred when Peter Mutharika assumed power. After having a cash strapped government handed to him, Peter Mutharika has done his best to mitigate these loses and guide this country with the limited donor support he has received.

Having to face floods of historical proportions, did not help the quest to improve the hardships in the country as well.

His efforts have not been rewarded by Malawians.  He has however been attacked by the likes of Allan Ntata and unrelenting opposition that call for his impeachment or resignation on every critical decision he has made as President.

President Peter Mutharika does not need pity from Malawians or me to defend him as he has capable DPP cadets who are already doing that on his behalf.

However by suing Allan Ntata and Nyasatimes instead of taking other drastic measures as has been done in the past, he needs to be commended. He now gives Allan Ntata and Nyasatimes an open forum to defend themselves.



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