ATLANTA Friday, November 29, 2013 – Malawi’s embattled president Joyce Banda has told a British paper in an exclusive Interview that she will not be a “cry baby” over the decision by Western donors including Britain to freeze aid. 

Mrs. Joyce Banda, like Bingu WA Mutharika before her is resorting to the same response to Western donors deciding to Freeze aid due to the Massive “Cash gate” Scandal facing her less than two year old Government.


In the interview she is quoted to have said “”Sometimes when these things happen, you grow up, you find other ways. We must become creative, we are not going to be dependent forever. Perhaps this is a golden opportunity for us.”

Exactly what Bingu WA Mutharika said when the same donors soured on his autocratic rule in his second term in office?

Like Bingu before her President Joyce Banda has no real plan to supplement the lost donor funds. Bingu tried to look to the East for help. How well did that work for him?

The President is right in stating that the corruption did not start with her administration. However this does not absolve her from blame. She also appears to have Amnesia as she conveniently forgets she was in both the Muluzi and Bingu Governments.

Her defenders will continue to say she was marginalized in the Bingu WA Mutharika government, While that might be true she chose not to resign which led to this accidental Presidency.

If the President has no concrete plans to replace the lost foreign aid, she needs to be humble and work with our benefactors. Blaster never did Bingu any good, her posture and defiance can only lead to long Petro lines, High inflation and misery to Malawians

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