By Saunders Jumah
Your Excellency! the jet lag has now departed from you and it’s time to get to business of being national leader.
The 18 days that you were out of Malawi, your Party turned to gangsterism and your cadets became ruffians. Property has been destroyed, and citizens wounded, one life, lost. Though the violence involved a person that can become the next head of state in 2019, you have chosen to listen and get advice from the perpetrators, instead of getting balanced information for you to make sound judgement.
You may not have been in Malawi by the year 1980, though we regard late Kamuzu Banda as a dictator he has his best side too. When drought and famine hit our nation his ministers chose to hide the phenomenon to the President.
By then not every minister was allowed to see or meet the Ngwazi. Mama Kadzamira and Uncle John Tembo had battery-caged the President by then, when citizens died at Limbe ADMARC and Grain and Milling company, the outcry was deadly. At Sanjika Stadium, Mayi Florence Tsamwa, stood up and narrated the following “Mwanawe anthu ako akufa ndi njala mmidzimu, akugonera mango ophika ndi nthambiyala.”
The country was shaken because no one could address the Life President like that during the one party era. Kamuzu Banda immediately got angry with his ministers, particularly John Tembo but what could he do the niece was the one calling the shots at Sanjika.
Everybody thought Mayi Tsamwa’s life was in danger, but Kamuzu Banda promoted her with a medal of the highest order [OLM] order of the Lion of Malawi, because she touched and called a spade by its rightful name.
Ministers including John Tembo were dispatched to Kenya and Brazil to buy maize, some of us survived because of that intervention, otherwise we could be gone. This was the moment Malawi was introduced to yellow maize from Kenya, many look at yellow maize as synonym with Kenya.
From then onwards the OLM Mayi Tsamwa, shifted her office from Clock Tower in the City of Blantyre to Sanjika Palace, close to the President.
This story must teach you a lesson, do not choose to hear what your minions want you to hear. At times listen to the voices you hate to hear so that you must know the real situation on the ground.
Your Excellency, the nation is crying, those of us who choose to tell the truth are threatened with death and ambush.
You have now taken leave from being the President of the Republic you are now the President of DPP and cadets.
Your failure and silence to denounce the barbarism of your Party, endorses and accents you as being a one-sided leader. You have chosen to be briefed by Mr. Binton Katsaila and ignored the eye witness of Mrs. Grace Chiumia, who is also Minister of Home Affairs and Security of citizens.
Your Excellency, by failing to provide maximum security to your opponent in 2019, you have proved that you are too scared of him, just as your supporters are scared of opposition voters.
Your Excellency, the democracy we have in Malawi cannot be claimed by one man or woman. Not only Chakufwa Chihana or Bakili Muluzi are heroes of democracy in Malawi. The heroes of democracy in Malawi are the Catholic Bishops (7 to be exact), and citizens who went to vote on 14th June 1993.
Do not be surprised to see rain of petitions from all corners of Malawi, criticizing you over your silence in denouncing political terrorism by your Party.
Failure to come into the open and denounce violence in this country, distances yourself from 64% of the people that did not vote for you in 2014 (though it is discovered late that the 36% was also manipulated in your favour) If Malawi was Kenya, the men and women of the wigs, were supposed to nullify the 2014 elections.
Your Excellency you must stand up and denounce political violence, and stop your Party from conducting politics of hooliganism.
As a student of western education (UK and the USA, you need to fire or force your publicity secretary Mr. Katsaila to resign. The man has plunged your Party into disrepute.
This statement however, appeals and calls upon you, Your Excellency, to come public and do the needful; denounce violence and pull the trigger on Malawi Police Service to apprehend the perpetrators.
Your Excellency our mother institution, the MALAWI ENGAGEMENT GROUP[MAENGA], is a think-tank of the future.
We are neutral in our objectives. Our core goal is to sensitize the nation and come into the constitutional path of the rule of law, where statecraft is managed, run and governed by the set rules from the supreme document called the Constitution of theRepublican of Malawi.
You are a man that defies and do not appreciate ultimatums Your Excellency; but to restore and build confidence on the nation, you have a week to stand up and denounce violence and appeal for peaceful political campaigns leading to the 17th October bye-elections.
Your Excellency, you may also need to investigate the rumours that have scared the nation of the alleged blood suckers.
Malawians are yet to recuperate from the albino genocide that devastated the entire nation.
Your Excellency, your name and track record are being tainted by your delay or ignoring to act.
Remember! The activeness of a leader builds the confidence of a nation. Your action in 7 days, will do you more good than the nation itself.
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