The Constitution of the Republic of Malawi
The Constitution of the Republic of Malawi –Source: World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

In regrouping and infusing common sense in the Malawi community, and society at large, there is a need to amend the Constitution to remove the fundamental rule of the winner takes it all clause.

There is a great need to replace it with mass suffrage where at least whoever takes over power of government must win 50+1 voting percentage. 

Where no one garners such number of votes, a second round must be sought and if not, a coalition of parties must take place to make it possible for the 50+1 to be in the government.

Our political market is divided into regions and tribes, we are therefore disadvantaged with the current system of “first past the post system” which is promoting and encouraging tribalism, nepotism and favouritism.

The introduction of “50+1 system” will help to erase the mentality of tribalism and regionalism which in the end will help to strongly unite the country.

Political parties will need the other votes from other regions to reinforce a majority of votes, in the process eradicating the devil of hatred and greed among tribes and regions.

To be precise Malawi is a country that needs and requires a Federal system of government but in the absence of this, we must pull up our socks and adopt the system that will unite and level the playing field among regions and tribes.

We must confess our society has been addicted and infiltrated by the “isms” of tribes, regionalism and creed. This must be blamed on our founding fathers who mistakenly planted this belief into the generations of Malawi.

Bakili Muluzi could not relinquish power in the hands of a centralist citizen Justin Malewezi or northerner Aleke Banda, this is Malawi’s blasphemy number two.

Blasphemy number one was the denial by citizens to recognize and join late Chakufwa Chihana’s political party AFORD just because he was from the north. Malawians are found wanting to have jumped ship from AFORD and formed UDF based on regionalism, we are aware of the rumours that our founding father insinuated this hatred that northeners must never be allowed to rule the country because apparently they are selfish and tribalists. 

Yet Yaos have ruled this country tribalism, nepotism, favouritism blanketed the entire nation. Lhomwes ruled and are ruling this country but nepotism, tribalism and favouritism are worse than the Yaos.

What we do, we who are in majority divert our dirt and blame northerners as being tribalists, regionalists and nepotistic. Today we realise the lie was told. 

How do we blame people that have never ruled the country and are in minority?

This nonsense shall and can only stop the day we will adopt the 50+1 system. The government of DPP under Peter Mutharika cannot initiate or promulgate in advocating for this amendment for they know that by amending the current clause into the majority 50+1 they will end up remaining in opposition benches for a very long time. 

They are aware that with corruption cordoned in their wings, public money theft in their blood they cannot make it to 50+1, or on the second round; no party can accept to enter into coalition with them. Their track record has been tainted if not completely destroyed. 

However the need to amend the Constitution is not biased to favour any particular tribe and region, it is the only remedy to reunite and Malawi – our nation. It is therefore good for the country and good for future generations. In our last article we lamented about lack of Common Sense in Malawi.

By accepting to change the Constitution we are entering the genesis of bringing back and infusing Common Sense into the country as step number one.

Further to do this we also have to accept that no existing political party currently is capable of managing this country if given mandate to run this nation alone.

Likewise it is more of a suicidal to entrust the government into the hands of political parties that are to emerge as we do not know their objectives and principles. 

Hence the need for the system of 50+1 to be implemented so that no single party can sail through into the government bearing in mind the current mindset of tribalism, regionalism and nepotism that have laid eggs in Malawis political landscape. 

I call upon the government of Peter Mutharika to be bold enough and think from outside the box, think about the future, think about the upcoming generations Peter Mutharika has lived in an ambitious country where dreams and imaginations combined have produced a resounding democracy and sucessful nation. 

The USA had visionary men who laid a foundation that favours any politician or any political party. No president out of the 45 men that ruled despised the founding document that their founding fathers crafted. Whether it is the Republicans, the Democrats or Tea party they conform to the set clauses in the founding document inked by the 55 brave men.

Peter Mutharika must leave that legacy too by accepting to the new system that favours all and clears the ground for fair play.

I submit to Law Society of Malawi, the Parliament of Malawi, the constitutional reform committee if any to consider amending the supreme law of the land and replace first past the post with the widely 50+1 system.

Trying to amend the Constitution by setting credentials of a person to be a president is dehumanizing human intelligence – the fact must be amending the Constitution and let citizens vote at a 50+1 system starting from 2019.

Law experts must convene consultations now and if the Mutharika government insists on putting a cold shoulder, I the Utopian will mobilise global players for funds so that citizens must decide through a referrendum by the beginning of 2018.

Constitutional amendment about the voting system towards 50+1 implementation is an inevitable task that must be condoned henceforth.

When we do this the global community will realize that common sense is returning into Malawi.

Saunders Jumah the Utopian

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