President Lazarus Chakwera and Nigerian Visitors

Former Nigeria President Obasanjo who is a close buddy to Former President Joyce Banda who was recently in the country, came to finalise fuel deals on behalf of Sahara, a fuel company which has been eyed to supply fuel to Malawi government through NOCMA, we can reveal.

Sahara is a favoured company by MCP blue jacketed ministers and Lazarus Chakwera’s errand boys who fooled Malawians by making them believe that Obasanjo was in Malawi for a book launch when they were here to reap from their coffers.

Chakwera and Nigerian Visitors


SAHARA which is poised to win fuel tenders with Malawi Government and milk Malawian’s billions to finance Malawi Congress Party under the watch of Lazarus Chakwera.

We can confirm that during his fuel deal meeting disguised as book launch, he came with his technical team which was led by Mr. Shinobi, who had an audience with President Chakwera and his close aides at Kamuzu Palace.

The past two weeks, Sahara technical team of Obasanjo was back in the country and they had an audience with Chakwera in Blantyre to finalize a multi-billion dollars fuel deals.

NOCMA is set to award fuel contact to SAHARA, and this is a reason why there is a conflict of interest between MERA and NOCMa which may result in fuel crisis in the country.

Deputy NOCMA CEO Hellen Buluma has not been fired up to date because she promised the current leadership a good cut from the deal.

This is a reason that despite Chakwera public utterance to have her fired, she is still at NOCMA calling the shots and being protected by the President.

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