MARA-(MaraviPost)-Tanzanian 6-year-old girl popularly known as ‘Virgin Mary’ from Mara Province, Roria village has been the center of attention following the miracles she has been performing in her village.

The child, from Catholic church, named Enis started manifesting the mysterious powers after she heard a voice calling her name one afternoon while playing with her mates.

According to her fellow kids who witnessed the encounter, Enis followed the voice that she claimed she heard coming from a burning flame.

Tanzania miraculous girl Enis

When the follow kids rushed back home to tell her parents, the parents met her on her way back home and before they said much.

She started reciting the hail Mary Prayer followed by the Saint Ignatius prayer that is commonly used by the Catholics.

Her parents claimed they had never taught her of the things she was reciting and they took her to their church priest.

She has since been healing people from many diseases including cancer, blindness, physically disabilities and even those with incurable illnesses who frequently rush to her parents’ home seeking spiritual assistance.

Several people in the village also claimed that on several occasions, they witnessed ‘Virgin Mary’ with a burning flame on top of her head while she was praying for them and some claimed at times, they could see fire from heaven covering her without her being burnt.

Her parents, Julius Utieno and Agnes Taabu Julius, claimed Enis was born after spending three years in her mother’s womb from the family of 11 children and she started talking and walking at the age of 7 months.

The parents claimed that the child had on several occasions told them that her mother was calling her in reference to Mother Mary in the bible despite her parents not hearing anything. They said she claimed that her brother is Jesus and they have been following her commands ever since.

Reports indicate that people from far and near have been besieging the house of the toddler to seek spiritual assistance and she has turned her parent’s home into a sort of miracle healing centre.

In history, her experienced is equated to that of Fatima children in Portugal, who claimed they saw the angel shining like a crystal before they started performing miracles after seeing visions which attracted thousands of people from across the world.

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