How to whiten teeth naturally and quickly I will explain this time comes from several sources such as the Internet and from my own experience. Yellow teeth often cause someone insecure and difficult to get along with, in addition to the yellow teeth also indicates that the teeth is unhealthy and can damage the health of the body such as the mouth and gums. Thus if you are one of many people who experience health problems in your teeth, you must read this article to finish.

First of all, you need to know some causes of yellow teeth. In this article I will explain some causes you have never known before:

1. Consuming Herbal Tea
Maintain the slimness of the body and health with herbal tea became a common practice these days. However, you should realize that herbal tea can bring side effects that are bad for the teeth. Those who regularly consume herbal tea tend to have yellow teeth. In response, the Japanese researchers, as reported by Dailymail, suggested that the herbal tea consumers should prefer green tea. The content of catechins in green tea is believed can suppress the acid-producing bacteria in the tooth, one of causes of yellow teeth.

2. Eyedrops
Perhaps you wonder, what the relationship between eyedrops with yellow teeth. However, the eyedrops has become one of the causes of yellow teeth. Chemical content in eyedrops can suppress the production of saliva. What you should know is that saliva will neutralize the acids in the mouth. Because the amount of saliva is reduced, the acid content in the mouth will increase automatically. Here the bacteria will multiply more rapidly, so that the teeth become yellow faster.

3. Swimming
Result of a study conducted on 500 swimmers mentioned that 66% of swimmers are suffering from damage to teeth and yellow teeth. This phenomenon is due to the high content of chlorine in the pool water. Chlorine affects the pH of the water which causes a higher acid content. For avoiding this, do not forget to brush your teeth after swimming.

Whitening Your Teeth At Home

Dental care is not only can be done by means such as brushing your teeth with a branded toothpaste, but you should also be able to avoid bad habits that can cause your teeth yellow. In addition you can also do some simple tips below:


Orange Peel

Orange peel can be used for dental care. Use the white inside part of an orange peel to brush your teeth. Do this procedure regularly every day and your teeth will be white naturally and quickly. Be careful for those of you who have sensitive teeth, vitamin C contained therein are not suitable for your teeth. You should ensure you don’t use the orange peel excessively.


Use Whitening Toothpaste
This is the most practical way. You can take an instant way by using whitening tooth paste available on the market. I am used to use Vita Tanden, as my personal tooth care, and so far it works!


The strawberries have been used to whiten teeth in some Asian countries since a few thousand years ago. Consuming fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, apples, and carrots is also useful as a natural way of tooth whitening. You do not need to make a special potion, just stay consuming as usual, and your teeth will look healthy and white quickly.

Home Teeth Whitening Kit

There are other ways to whiten your teeth at home which does not include home remedies. Another popular way is to purchase a home teeth whitening kit. It consists of a mouth tray which you easily mold on to your teeth. The mouth tray is dipped into scolding water and then put into your mouth to be adjusted after your exact teeth. The bleaching process is done with the same type of gel a dentist use. The most effective teeth whitening gel has the ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide and bleaches the teeth within just a few occasions. The trays can be used at a later occasion whenever you want to update your white smile.

Indeed, by understanding what the causes and the simple cures of yellow teeth, you can get rid of your yellow teeth problem quickly.

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