Mia and Chakwera
Archive: Strange bedfellows – Sidik Mia and Chakwera following proceedings during the Ngabu rally

For five months now this country has been operating without minister of Transport and Public Works and Minister of Local Government.

Local Government Minister Lingson Berekanyama and Transport Minister Sidik Mia both succumbed to COVID-19 earlier this year.

These two ministers are very crucial and needed at any time as far as running a government is concerned.

Many Malawians are wondering why Lazarus Chakwera seems to be easy and comfortable about the missing of these ministers in his cabinet.

Why is Chakwera taking this long to appoint minister Transport and Minister of Local government after Sidik Mia and Belekanyama died in January of Covid-19.

The  procrastination approach by Lazarus Chakwera leadership must be dealt with before things go out of hand in his government.

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