The Queen (Image: GETTY)

LONDON-(MaraviPost)-The United Kingdom (UK)’s Queen Elizabeth health scare highlights the family’s instability, It has been learnt

But the past few days have reminded the press Elizabeth does a job no other person aged 95 would contemplate.

This comes after a particularly trying few months, this was meant to be a successful return to autumn duties by the Queen

The Palace was accused of lying by claiming she was “resting at Windsor” while she was actually in hospital for “preliminary investigations”.

By performing her duties in her advanced years, she is protecting her legacy while lining up the future of the monarchy.

But it is hardly easy as she knows Charles does not command the respect that she does while the position of Camilla in the next reign will be fraught with problems.

William, Catherine and their children offer an insurance policy for the monarchy if Charles and Camilla ever become overwhelmed by criticism and opposition.

We can now expect to see the working senior royals undertake more official duties, especially where travel is involved.

Other major changes are also afoot.

Slimming down the monarchy, something Charles is reportedly planning, would mean charities lose royal patrons and so that might not be a popular move.

There is a feeling that hiding royal secrets for decades is out of step in a modern democracy – and sealing royal wills, such as Prince Philip’s, gives rise to speculation about the family’s private wealth.

The Sovereign Grant accounts showed that the monarchy cost £87.5million in 2020/21 but the true cost of security remains a secret.When factored in, estimates of the Royal Family’s cost run as high as £345million.

Then there are the escalating costs of travel, as Charles and other royals are fond of using helicopters – while campaigning against climate change.

Some sympathy is reserved for Charles over the defection of his prodigal son Harry – and the betrayals made by the Sussexes.

Yet the Harry crisis has been dwarfed by the one surrounding Prince Andrew, who is fighting a civil case accusing him of historical sex offences, which he vehemently denies.

He has until October 29 to file a response and he is under pressure from the FBI for answers in the case surrounding his old pal Ghislaine Maxwell and the late Jeffrey Epstein.

The Queen is said to be paying millions of her own cash for her son’s legal costs. Charles wants Andy removed from sight while William sees him as a “threat”.

The Royal Family: it’s complicated.


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